photo of M overlooking the University of Montana from Mount Sentinel in Missoula Letter M overlooking the University of Montana from Mount Sentinel in Missoula photo by Kaszeta

In the western part of the United States, whole communities succumb to the urge to display their school or community pride by stamping their initial on the sides of mountains

Hillside Letters in the Western Landscape

by taz

Hugos There?

hugo awardshugo awards by trendingtopics (cc by)

Booklovers can now keep up with discussion of current Hugo nominated books and stories in Fanfare via the Hugo Awards 2019 Club

by taz

Your diamond eyes that shine

T-rexT-rex by Madclicks (cc by)

yet another limited resource in which many of the haves are winning over the have-nots: Barchan offers valuable insight on the multitude of issues surrounding the controversy of the Baby T. Rex listing on eBay

by taz

Turns out the revolution will be televised

Weird Al UHF poster detail

Metafilter discusses The Radical Egalitarian Politics Of Weird Al’s "UHF"

(hat tip to jackbishop for the title)

by taz

You Shall Know Our Verbosity!

IMG_5219IMG_5219 by Lo-Res Viscera (cc by-nc)

I've been having a lot of fun creating little monuments to asininity like this lately. — duffell

Star Trek episode, Dave Eggers book, or Mountain Goats song? is a fiendish Buzzfeed quiz by Mefi's own duffell. Projects post here.

by taz

How to Sorry

IMG_9089IMG_9089 by V31S70 (cc by)

This master class in How to be a Garbage Person has taught me ... Mefite yes I said yes I will Yes uses "Real Housewives of New York" to answer the question "How do you apologize?" (Also great, apologize like a ridiculous 12 year-old).

by taz

MetaFilter Totes for sale!
You can now head over to TopatoCo and get yourself a "[more inside]" canvas tote!

by cortex

I can be your long lost pal

still from Tales from Earthseastill from Tales from Earthsea, Studio Ghibli

On Ask Metafilter, kandinski asks about The mythical power of knowing someone's "True Name"

by taz

Some Pig!

Flying PigsFlying Pigs by BugMan50 (cc by-nc)

the electrophysiological component is in my wheelhouse ... biogeo does a fantastic job of breaking down various aspects of that news story about scientists restoring some activity in dead-pig brains.

by taz

Make us one with everything

Pizza be with you. #dailydrawing #1869 #cheesusPizza be with you. #dailydrawing #1869 #cheesus by Chris Piascik (cc by-nc-nd)

History teaches us that the arc of the mefi universe is long, but it bends toward pizza: Twelve years ago, after a mid-game rain delay ... eereeess um pizza, Jane the Brown answers, "If someone wanted to survive solely on pizza?, and — especially for SFF fans — How David Weber Orders a Pizza. Lazaruslong schools us about pineapple pizza, and los pantalones del muerte remembers, it was pretty funny to see an entire class of college students quietly whispering 'spin' and 'pizza'.

Meanwhile, visiting the recent past, wet noises intensify, and does mustard ever belong on a pizza?, while the dusty vaults cough up the ever-popular Is Pizza a Sandwich? and Greg Nog asks about favorite VERY UNUSUAL or RARE pizza toppings. Pizza!

by taz

Sleeper Cell

Mattress photoMattress photo by Ty Carlson on Unsplash

"Mattress retailer here ..." In Ask Me, xedrik offers the lowdown on the knotty problem of mattress pricing, and what's worth more, inside.

by taz

Mefi is Lit

'Luna' (1997) by Quint Buchholz'Luna' (1997) by Quint Buchholz by Plum leaves (cc by)

For the bookishly inclined ...

From Mefi: Sue Halpern writes In Praise of Public Libraries for The New York Review of Books | Extraordinary 500-year-old library catalogue discovered | When Zora and Langston Took a Road Trip | Lost-children stories and Australia's uneasy mythology

On Fanfare: Hugo Nominated Short Stories, and 2019 Hugo Nominee for Best Graphic Story, On a Sunbeam, (more Hugo awards discussion here)

Popular on Ask Me: Looking for mystery and crime fiction that feature an Asian protagonist or a predominantly Asian cast of characters | Looking for post-post-collapse fiction | What to read after The Goblin Emperor? | What's next after Middlemarch? | Where to start with Lois McMaster Bujold?

by taz

nudge, nudge ...

Good old stick shift. I love driving a manual. #GTI #VW #StickShift #MKV #manual #Driving #fun #Car #DailyDriver #SixSpeedGood old stick shift. I love driving a manual. #GTI #VW #StickShift #MKV #manual #Driving #fun #Car #DailyDriver #SixSpeed by fujimatt (cc by)

flabdablet's tips for teaching stick.

by taz

Disk World?

DiscworldDiscworld by CarbonNYC [in SF!] (cc by)

Black hole time! PhysicsMatt answers why the accretion disk is a disk rather than a sphere, and RedOrGreen explains a bit about interferometry (and other stuff) in the Mefi thread on the reveal of the first black hole image.

by taz

Way to Bee

If You Have A Bee In Your HandIf You Have A Bee In Your Hand by thedailyenglishshow (cc by)

Mefite colossal tells a touching tale of bees, and a boy, and a bedroom, and a plan gone very, very wrong in Johnny Wallflower's post The charming habits of bees. (Fair warning: Sometimes our Johnny shares such sweet stories of apian inclinations. This is not one of those times.)

by taz

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