Linguistic characteristics

stacking chairs abstractstacking chairs abstract by Muffet (cc by)

A self-proving premise appears!

by taz

Wave if you know the answer!

Storm SurgeStorm Surge by Krystal.Hamlin (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, cda is looking for the best products that smell like the ocean

by taz

gut microbiota & you

uBiome - Microbiome Sequencing Gut Bacteria Sample KituBiome - Microbiome Sequencing Gut Bacteria Sample Kit by Tony Webster (cc by)

In an interesting thread about "rethinking healthy eating in light of the gut microbiome," ASF Tod und Schwerkraft shares some enlightening commentary on why the results of microbiome research is always much more complicated and less definitive than science reporting makes it sound.

by taz

the Final Architecture

alien planet detail of artwork from Shards of Earth cover art

"For they now possess something of incalculable value, and many would kill to obtain it." In Fanfare, some members are discussing the novel, Shards of Earth, the first of a new series by Adrian Tchaikovsky.

by taz

Oh, Brother!

ABH: Printers deviceABH: Printers device by follow us at (cc by)

I've hated every printer I've ever owned. In Ask Metafilter, Skewed looks for a new printer, and the voices are (nearly) united!

by taz

So Perfect

useful *and* fun

Computer ChipComputer Chip by JD Hancock (cc by)

In case you missed it earlier, the very excellent Joy of Computing, featuring code snippets, computer-generated art, games, tools, crafts, libraries, and more from the Recurse Center community.

by taz

Are you old enough to have wine?

Sighetu-Marmatiei: Pensiunea KonnakSighetu-Marmatiei: Pensiunea Konnak by Daniel ENGELVIN (TWO Millions thanks)

How they do it in Transylvania; DirtyOldTown comments in the #swedengate thread

by taz

Perfect Balance

Mermaid TreeMermaid Tree by merwing✿little dear (cc by-nc-nd)

In Ask Metafilter, unicorn chaser is looking for good books that are also fast and easy reads

by taz

185: A very wearing my bathrobe all day day
It's episode 185 of the MetaFilter podcast, with cortex and jessamyn!

by cortex

This post sucks!


patternpattern by fazen (cc by)

I hear voices all the time. In my case those voices are both outside of me, myself, and I hear them in space and as auditory voices - but they are not generally foreign either - we are a collective ... warriorqueen with a thoughtful personal perspective on the Hearing Voices Movement, and the dangers of "the search for something that will make everyone in the same"

by taz

A Fish Needs A Bicycle

video screen grab from Guinness' Fish on a Bicycle ad

Amble, stroll or saunter over to tiny frying pan's post The Inky Depths #5: Fish That Walk! and learn how some fish stride this earth like a colossus (or maybe slightly less colossus-y, but still darn flipping impressive), and sometimes even flaunt the perfect red lip while they're at it.

by taz

Only through love

167th St. Station. James Baldwin Mural. New York, NY.167th St. Station. James Baldwin Mural. New York, NY. by KTDrasky (cc by)

to bear witness, as long as breath is in him: "Why I Stopped Hating Shakespeare," by James Baldwin

by taz

His Hair is Perfect

Lil' WerewolfLil' Werewolf by Shaefer

In Ask Metafilter, As a werewolf, how do I better entertain young human children?

by taz

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