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Hold It In Your HandsHold It In Your Hands by B Tal (cc by-nc)

Besides saying 'I love you,' were there things that your family (or other important adults in your life) did to show you that you were loved and appreciated?

How were you shown you were loved as a kid?

by taz

“My heart started beating a little bit faster ...”

Posing Modernity: The Black Model from Manet and Matisse to Today

Filthy light thief made a great post about Denise Murrell's student thesis that became "a groundbreaking show about how black people have been pictured across art history," and which is now an exhibit at Musée d'Orsay in Paris, where French masterpieces are renamed after black subjects.

by taz

151: A Birdwatching Mecha
It's episode 151 of the MetaFilter monthly podcast with cortex and jessamyn!

by cortex

Ask a simple question...

the only warning you will getthe only warning you will get by frankieleon (cc by)

griphus inquires: "In a hot mug of liquid, is the liquid at the top hotter or cooler than the liquid at the bottom?"

by taz

Noted on Mefi

MiXED TAPEMiXED TAPE by englishsnow (cc by)

The first all-digital MeFi Music Mixtape Swap signups are open until April 14, so if you're into it, share the love! If you're in need of some inspiration, you might check out some of the more than 50,000 78rpm record sides available from the Boston Public Library now on the Internet Archive. But if that seems a smidge overwhelming, maybe just queue up the one song that apparently nearly every other human on the planet has listened to? That's a lot. Too much? How about just that one special part of that one song that you love so much, but, like, it just keeps going?

by taz


WindowFrog 002WindowFrog 002 by cygnus921 (cc by)

Verstegan has a great answer for nebulawindphone's question about how biblical Egypt's plague of frogs came to be imagined by many as a "rain" of frogs.

by taz

Because we heard you like Venn diagrams in your Ask Metafilter questions...

Meeting of three kings in Potsdam, Caputh and Berlin detailMeeting of three kings in Potsdam, Caputh and Berlin detail

rebent asks about living like (historic) royalty: "What lifestyle elements were accessible only to rulers and the elite in the past, and are generally accessible now?"

by taz

Rock on with your Crouton

"Thanks to recent improvements in both baking and recombinant genetics, we're happy to announce the opening of the world's first interactive Crouton Petting Zoo."

by taz

Zamboni's List

Sidney Hall’s (1831) astronomical chart illustration of the Psalterium Georgii, Fluvius Eridanus, Cetus, Officinal Scupltoris, Fornax Chemica, and Machina Electrica. Original from Library of Congress. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.Sidney Hall’s (1831) astronomical chart illustration of the Psalterium Georgii, Fluvius Eridanus, Cetus, Officinal Scupltoris, Fornax Chemica, and Machina Electrica. Original from Library of Congress. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel. by Free Public Domain Illustrations by rawpixel (cc by)

Zamboni shares his list of fave devices, gadgets, gizmos, utensils, machines, mechanisms, contraptions, apparatuses, appliances, implements, and instruments in last week's Metatalktail Hour discussion on tools. (This week's cozy convo is about the most ordinary thing you've never done.)

by taz

"Deliciousify my rice"

L Words

Love is in the airLove is in the air by katerha (cc by)

Love (MetaMatrimony!); Love ("thank goodness for really slow elevators"); Love (Aspasia of Miletus and the roots of western philosophy); Love ("apparently they loved the Moog"); Love ("100 ways to love a cat?"); Love ("it is only with the heart that we see correctly"); Love ("For The Exhausted and Overwhelmed); Legend ("but he never did ask"); Loss? ("I have nightmares about this article").

by taz

NCAA basketball tournament time

Basketball Madness

If you have March Madness, come fill out NCAA basketball brackets - hurry, they're due by Thursday! Also time for fantasy baseball signups!

Podcast #150: Taking a Dinger
It's episode 150 of the MeFi Monthly Podcast, with cortex and jessamyn!

by cortex


Come to Fanfare for belated Oscar night chatter!

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MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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