🌈 Yes, Australia says "Yes"! 🌈

yesyes by brinypickle2012 (cc by)

Australia's electorate overwhelmingly supports same sex marriage: Mefi discussion here!

by taz

Ask Mefi, Take Me Awaaaay!

Reclaiming your time

FocusFocus by Michael Dales (cc by-nc)

I need to repair and grow back my ability to concentrate for long periods of time so I can complete a massive project.

Mystical Listicle asks, "Have you re-engineered your focus (using non-pharmacological means)? What were your tactics and strategies?"

by taz


Priti and Boris and Damian and more, oh my May! UK politics discussion.

by taz

Open for business: Mefi Mall, 2017!

A giftA gift by Kalexanderson (cc by)

Check out goodies for sale from fellow Mefi members at the Mefi Mall, and add your own shop if you'd like to participate. The Metatalk discussion is over here.

by taz


Image from page 129 of Image from page 129 of "Class of 1917" (1917) by Internet Archive Book Images

Nice storyfilter: In the Metatalktails thread about your best problem-solving moments, johnofjack shares how library research helped a patron in an unexpected way.

Show off your Halloween costumes!
Now that you're over your candy hangover, go share what you and yours dressed up as or check out your fellow mefites' costumery!

by cortex

Secret Quonsar gift exchange!
Like swapping gifts with friendly strangers on the internet? You have till Thursday the 9th to sign up for Secret Quonsar, so get to it!

by cortex

I worked at a chippy for a year and here's my expert opinion...

#burger with the lot #food#burger with the lot #food by williamli1983 (cc by-nc-nd)

on a burger the side of a toddler's head, a single pineapple ring doesn't overwhelm

Jilder gives the definitive eye-opening answer to the pressing question "Wtf is an Australian Burger?"

by taz

134: Stuff and Things

Off belay

How the Dutch Explore SpaceHow the Dutch Explore Space by hellobo (cc by-nd)

bumpkin tells about encounters with legendary climber Fred Beckey

Get your Metafilter sticker pack!

Do you like MetaFilter? Now you can declare it to the world by adorning your car/laptop/child with some MetaFilter stickers!

by cortex


shack-negativeshack-negative by erat (cc by-sa)


Grab bag cont'd

Malta 08-09-2006 17.00.44Malta 08-09-2006 17.00.44 by Heini Samuelsen (cc by-sa)

Members look back over their AskMe questions, reminding us things can get better over time

Photo quiz: Can you find the cat hiding in plain sight?

Grooming confessions: How and where do Mefites cut our toenails?

Can't transport enough fuel to your remote mining site? With 19th century ingenuity you can run your industrial equipment all on water power.

Falconetti says, "I was just on Jeopardy! a week and a half ago..."

Are salt grinders any good? furnace.heart answers, as a person who used to work in a retail salt store

Grab bag again

Vintage Helping Hand Novelty Transistor Radio, Offered As A Promotional Item By General Mills For Hamburger & Tuna Helper, A Premium Resources International (PRI) Product, Made In Hong KongVintage Helping Hand Novelty Transistor Radio, Offered As A Promotional Item By General Mills For Hamburger & Tuna Helper, A Premium Resources International (PRI) Product, Made In Hong Kong by France1978 (cc by-sa)

Uncovering the internal anatomy of the Hamburger Helper mascot, what science doesn't want you to know

We need Ruth Bader Ginsburg puns for Halloween

Canadian Mefites share their stories, saying goodbye to Gord Downie

People are psyched for Black Panther

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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