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Good Answer!

by taz

Let's read

illustration featuring a giant swan regarding a small king at the top of a castle towervia Small Wonders issue 0

Small Wonders Magazine [via mefi projects] is a new online speculative fiction and poetry magazine from Metafilter member lriG rorriM and Stephen Granade. Their inaugural issue contains fiction by Saswati Chatterjee, Premee Mohamed, Wendy Nikel, Charles Payseur, Moses Ose Utomi, and John Wiswell, and poetry by Beth Cato, Mary Soon Lee, and Ali Trotta.

by taz

strange women lying in ponds ...
Continuation of Charles III coronation discussion happening here.

by taz

Local Library Love 📚❤️

cam university librarycam university library by arcibald (cc by-nc)

SaharaRose's post about ways to support libraries in trying times offers suggestions for individuals and multiple resources to help support US libraries and the freedom to read.

by taz

Cool Stuff

IRL, mochapickle and danabanana have organized an online meet for "The Artist's Way" (Julia Cameron's classic creativity program to help with artistic work of all kinds) starting Sunday, May 7, so check in to learn more! And over in Fanfare, DirtyOldTown has posted Trailer Park: May 2023, a collection of fresh trailers for upcoming movies. (See April Trailer Park collection here)

by taz

The best defense is ...

It's like the only one of my stupid schemes that I rolled a 20 on. outgrown_hobnail shares their secret for a surefire thesis defense strategy.

by taz


girl on a game show wearing a white t-shirt with a bright screen-printed design showing a stylized yellow feline against a blue and red backgrounddetail of youtube screen capture

A roaring Ask Metafilter "identify this item" success for moonmilk's question "Do you recognize this t-shirt from 1992?"

by taz

Checking the Fahrenheit

Book Burning - Quema de Libros - Suns and Book BurningBook Burning - Quema de Libros - Suns and Book Burning by derechoaleer (cc by)

Posted to the blue from Mefi Projects: Banned Book Book Club "displays information about a book that has been banned in American schools 2021-2022, alongside a readable preview of most books (on desktop only) and a link to buy it. Reload to see another one." Amazing, really.

by taz


Explosion!Explosion! by Rickydavid (cc by-nc-nd)

"I saw Moby naked! And I didn't like it at all!" — loquacious. Hey, mefites are discussing the Rolling Stones "When Rock Stars Screw Up" article!🤘🏼

by taz

Slow Fashion

Dancing Peasants, late 1400’s, via postej-stew.dk: medieval painting of a group of men and women outside, dancing, dressed mainly in red, blue, and white simple outfits, probably for a feast / celebration

In Ask Metafilter, iamsuper asks, How unfashionable were the medieval poor? "How fast did fashion spread in, say, medieval times, or Tudor times? Would people living in remote areas perhaps be wearing clothes that were 100 years or more out of fashion? Or would fashions evolve at similar speeds to today?"

by taz

"the problem was Romania had run out of episodes of Columbo"

columbocolumbo by whatleydude (cc by)

That time Peter Falk stopped a revolt in Romania? Kattullus posts about the great Decoder Ring podcasts examining this mystery. Oh, and there's just one more thing... in the comments DirtyOldTown talks about Irina Nistor and the "delightful documentary called Chuck Norris vs. Communism"

by taz

Ask Me Later

Demotivational Poster no. 11 - Today is the Day (yellow)Demotivational Poster no. 11 - Today is the Day (yellow) by id-iom (cc by-nc)

In Ask Metafilter, Desertshore would like to know, "Is it possible to become an ex-procrastinator?"

by taz

Without me, you are alone and lost

Image showing 12 maps of Italy from various years in various stylesimage via Chronoscope World

If you missed it, be sure to check out vacapinta's post on the excellent Chronoscope World, "a time machine to explore the history of the world by browsing maps dating back to 14th century B.C.," with more than 4,200 high-resolution maps.

by taz

"a bitter, poisonous read ..."

Come for the "simple listicle designed to elicit clicks and furious argument" (– doctornemo), stay for the explanation of why Lovecraft is an incel (– mittens) in the Esquire 50 Best Sci-Fi Books of All Time thread.

by taz

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