profuse strains of premeditated art

The VoiceThe Voice by Andy Morffew (cc by)

Hello yes this is a bird ... or is it??? How people tweeted in the '70s, from Going To Maine

by taz

Status updates and job application reminder

A few quick status updates on: training for mods; ongoing mod work; restless_nomad; jessamyn; hiring.

Reminder: if you've considered applying for the mod job, the initial deadline is this weekend!

Everyone's a Critic: Time Slip Edition

illustration of young children in party clothes toddling down corridor of foundering ship at 11 pmEagle-eyed 1920s viewers wanted to know why these kids were awake, overdressed, and rambling about at 11 pm

It's oddly comforting to know that people have always been fussy about make-believe. — Burhanistan

Ten Cold Hot Dogs posts the Tropes, Cliches and Sloppy Mistakes that Annoyed Moviegoers 100 Years Ago

by taz

160: That Was A Bood Posscat
It's Episode 160 of the MeFi podcast!

by cortex

And the winner is ...

Champagne 1Champagne 1 by John Twohig Photography (cc by-nc-nd)

Final Results of the January 2020 Best Post Contest are here!

by taz

"I'll keep trying to find it"

black and white old photo of Ray Charles with paper coffee cup

OP comes back to say they found the photo ... 13 years later!

by taz

4th Week Post Contest Winners

by Edna Winti (cc by)

Be Bedazzled!: The bounty of the best continues with Week 4 results of the January 2020 Best Post Contest.

by taz

"They don't teach leeches in nursing school"

Possibly the most awesome business card everPossibly the most awesome business card ever by John "Pathfinder" Lester (cc by)

I've been dispensing leeches at my hospital for at least a decade, so that makes me something of a self-styled leech expert ... codex99 discusses working with leech therapy in ChuraChura's post the leech triumphantly oozed its way back into the hospital

by taz

"Can't Get There From Here?"

TransportationsTransportations by AlexRamat

Travel demand modelling is an entire (small) field, I've been doing it for 20 years... Homeboy Trouble with some great suggestions for someone looking for data and info on how people travel

by taz

"Listen Your Ass Off"

ListenListen by ky_olsen (cc by)

Lyn Never had very good advice about how to listen for someone who wants to become less condescending.

by taz

Penultimate Post Contest Week Winners

wow #epicfireworkswow #epicfireworks by EpicFireworks (cc by)

Oooh, shiny: the week 3 results of your January 2020 Best Post Contest have been tabulated!

by taz

You Love to see it

vintage valentine vintage valentine "Bee" by karen horton (cc by)

It's the Third Annual Metafilter Valentine Mail Exchange! Sign ups are On!

by taz

#poctakeover posting intiative
You might have noticed an uptick in interesting posts the last few weeks by and about people of color; that's thanks to the #poctakeover posting project that a bunch of MeFites of color have been organizing and supporting together. Read more about the project, how it happened, and how it's been going at that link; you can also browse the poctakeover tag to see what you might have missed.

by cortex

Site finance update, 1/15/2020
Hey folks, here's the quarterly update on site finances.

by cortex

More Winners!

FantasticFantastic by Matt From London (cc by)

Week 2 Results of the January 2020 Best Post Contest are in!

by taz

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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