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no longer to praise

07 pole07 pole by london road (cc by)

A very interesting discussion of architecture, operational energy, design, density, carbon costs, and urban planning in this thread.

by taz

On The Road

John Margolies photoJohn Margolies photo via

Great post by zamboni about John Margolies’ photographs of roadside America

by taz

Weirdness, secret tunnels, haunted houses, goats, the usual

GoatGoat by (cc by)

In jessamyn's post about the man who lived in a huge secret apartment in the landmark historic theater he rescued, other stories of secret spaces including secret tunnels all over a city.

Gimme some stories of goats misbehaving!

...or some eerie spooky stories that aren't gross or horrible

...or some websites with fun interesting stuff for when the news gets me down.


Painting over a muralPainting over a mural by WarmSleepy (cc by)

Some interesting ideas and answers in mermaidcafe's Ask Me post looking for examples of erasure in architecture, audio recordings, science, art, and other fields.

by taz

Why were Victorian houses seen as plausible homes for monsters?

Haunted HouseHaunted House by Sean MacEntee (cc by)

In short, it describes the interwar period as formative for creating the idea of the Gilded Age mansion as a place of mongrel (sic) agglutination in architecture and interior design, thus impure, and a sign of the excesses of the time, anti-industrial and anti-progress. In addition, there remains the idea of the grand old family and the secrets, hidden unhappiness, and isolation which may have remained in the childhood memories of artists creating in a post-WWI era - which has its own Zeitgeist, a combination of glitter and ennui/angst, both meanings of decadence. So by the 1930s the decrepit mansion 1. was actually decrepit when seen and 2. was not appropriate in several ways by economic/socio/cultural standards.

Citations and conjecture about why the Victorian house is always where the monsters live.

by jessamyn

Chicago's architecture

Madison at Clark, in the LoopMadison at Clark, in the Loop by heyho linda

MetaFilter member heyho shares why she chose to live in Chicago and all the bits of art and architecture that convinced her to stay there forever.

by mathowie

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