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Cinema Time

steampunk timemachinesteampunk timemachine by damian.eastwood (cc by)

"I want to make a list of films that evoke a strong sense of time (and possibly place). Through dialogue, sets, etc. they transport you to the era in which they're set." In Ask Metafilter, jdroth asks, What movies act as time capsules?

by taz

"I beat Zelda II. On one life."

Link battles his shadow doppelganger in Zelda IILink battles his shadow doppelganger in Zelda II

In JHarris's excellent post about Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Mefi user otolith tells the story of how they finally beat the game, twenty years after giving up on it:

It was one of those games that was just too...frigging....hard. Along with Blaster Master and Castlevania II, it seemed stupidly impossible...I don't remember when, but there must have come a time when I punched the power button on the console in frustration and walked away from it for the last time. And then twenty years passed and I don't recall thinking about the game once in that time.

But a few years ago I was traveling and staying with a friend of mine who owned a game cube. There it was on his system, Zelda II...A wealth of small childhood memories that had been locked together with Zelda in the back of my brain. It was an utterly unique experience for me, reliving those memories sequentially as the game progressed. Which happened somewhat rapidly because I was now A BEAST at Zelda II....

Go read the whole thing.

by cortex

So listen carefully to that song of the modem

Look what I used to read my first emailsLook what I used to read my first emails by codepo8 (cc by)

A thread about the sounds dial-up modems used to make prompted member Devonian to recall being a fly on the wall during the development of modem speed standards:

I was lucky enough to have something of a ringside seat for this, as a friend was (possibly still is) a senior figure on the ITU committee that decided the v. standards for modems, and I followed developments closely between around 1990 and 2000 when a lot of the clever stuff was being agreed. (Being a rapporteur for an ITU committee is a good gig. You get diplomatic status, and access to the special diplomatic duty-free shops at airports. What, you didn't know about those?)

by mathowie

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