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Site finance update, 10/16/19
Here's a quarterly update on MeFi's site finances.

by cortex

Sady, Sady, Scary Lady

Patrick Bateman NAKED in tanning bed with subtitle SOMETHING HORRIBLE IS HAPPENING INSIDE OF ME

Sady recommends horror: coolname points us toward some excellent film commentary by Sady Doyle that will maybe make you rethink some things you thunk before.

by taz

Alt Better

Refreshable braille display by Sebastien.delorme from wikimedia.orgRefreshable braille display by Sebastien.delorme - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 from

Hippybear posted a very helpful link on how to write image descriptions in Twitter for people with vision impairment or low vision!

by taz

Rolling out some updated site documentation
We've updated some site documentation, in particular an updated community guidelines and expectations page and some details on being aware of and avoiding common microaggressions. There's some detail in this MetaTalk post.

by cortex

Awesome Sauce

Knoblauchmayonnaise. AioliKnoblauchmayonnaise. Aioli by marcoverch (cc by)

Looking for dead simple sauces I can make by stirring things together: in Ask Metafilter, CiaoMela asks for your easiest, no-hassle recipes.

by taz

Live Long and Puzzle On

image of a logic puzzle

Wolfdog has posted the logic puzzle blog, Grandmaster Puzzles, featuring "elegant, hand-crafted designs written by some of the world's best puzzle constructors" ... and Mefites have some more recs in comments.

by taz

How To Build a Less Tippy Canoe?

IMG_20140630_110754IMG_20140630_110754 by anadem (cc by-nc-sa)

anadem asks advice in Ask Metafilter: I made a little boat, a skin-on-frame canoe. It floats nicely when empty, but when I get in it tips me out. I want to make another boat that's more stable with me in it.

Don't miss the cool photos of the building process linked in the post!

by taz

Do you wand to know a secret?

image of magic wand

verstegan has a great answer for divabat's question Why do magic wands look the way they do?

by taz

Name Dropping

Leghorn SlidesLeghorn Slides by eileenmak (cc by)

Orange Dinosaur Slide proposes Post Your Name Month in Metatalk: post something cool related to your user name, and tag it "PostYourName"!

by taz

Help Embiggen These Brains!

PipedreamerPipedreamer by new 1lluminati (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, xenization is seeking Essays/Articles That Opened Your Mind for first-year college students; nonfiction that makes you go, "Huh. Never thought of it like that before."

by taz

Following Suit

Business Suit.Business Suit. by MIKI Yoshihito. (#mikiyoshihito) (cc by)

As a guy who bought a few hundred thousand suits in a former life...I have thoughts: allkindsoftime weaves a winning yarn about the weft and warp of working inside the garment industry in COD's post about the decline of the power suit.

by taz

Everybody Needs a Hygge

17/365 - Weekend Bliss17/365 - Weekend Bliss by Phae (cc by-nc-nd)

scenes in firelit rooms while it rains outside; passing long, chilly nights; comfy interiors; hearty meals ... In Ask Metafilter, delight is looking for cozy, satisfying historical fiction for Fall.

by taz

156: Wasting All My Time Time
It's episode 156 of the MetaFilter podcast with cortex and jessamyn!

by cortex

"Tales of Wonder and Terror"

image of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (1943) by Dorothea TanningDorothea Tanning, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (1943)

Amazing post! Flagged as phantasmic*: Wobbuffet kicks off spooky season with a fabulous, deep, bookworm-friendly post on weird tales from the 18th Century.

by taz

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