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Mefites share their Halloween Pumpkins (and other seasonal fun) in MetaTalk. 🎃

by taz

Get on the Scary-Go-Round ...

Halloween Eve Even More Weird

Detail from film poster for 1967 Russian horror film ViyDetail from film poster for 1967 Russian horror film "Viy"

If you've finally gulped down Wobbuffet's fantastic Weird Tales from the 18th Century and are hungerrrring for morrrre, feast your eyes and immortal soul on (Translated) Weird Tales from the 19th Century and Weird Tales from the 20th Century, all with lots and lots of lovely, juicy online links for reading late into the witching hour.

by taz

Embrace your inner banality for Halloween

BoringBoring by phoenixdailyphoto (cc by-nc)

Japan's Best Boring Halloween Costumes

by taz

"How, really, ought Chirin to live?"

detail from video cover showing Chirin as a young innocent lamb

Chirin’s Bell is like if, instead of Bambi being raised by his father after the death of his mother, he sought out the hunters who killed his mother and insisted they teach him how to use a gun: interesting post from J.K. Seazer on an unusual children's book (and film), plus a great analysis of the work.

by taz

Smooth Criminals

up close shot of raccoon face just before it steals camera from girl

filthy light thief posts some cute adorable fuzzywuzzy dirty rotten effulgence felons, plus see more October "Post Your Name" Month offerings here.

by taz

48 bytes to spare

Census punch card readerCensus punch card reader by shandrew (cc by-nc)

From the constraints of 1860s banknote sizes to "the opulent luxury of two entire kilobytes of display memory," MeFi's own mhoye dives 2500 words deep into the history of terminal aspect ratios in cgc373's post, "80×25."

by taz

A Plumb Position

M&M PipelineM&M Pipeline by DaveFayram (cc by)

I am a woman and a journeyman plumber with a B.A. in Statistics from the University of Chicago ... cnidaria posted a fantastic answer to shapes that haunt the dusk's Ask Metafilter question about switching from the academic track to trade work in your 30s.

by taz

Bias by design

Famous renamed Crayola crayons Flesh and the replacement color Peach, Indian Red and the replacement color ChestnutFamous renamed Crayola crayons, via Wikimedia

In Ask Metafilter, signal is looking for examples of or resources for identifying inherent biases in different kinds of design (industrial, service, interface, graphic, etc.)

by taz

"Give me your glow ups"

For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream....  Vincent Van GoghFor my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.... Vincent Van Gogh by Nick Kenrick. (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, I kind of look and feel like something they dragged out of the Chicago River. What are your favorite (relatively) quick-result ways to perk your whole deal up? Looks and spirits alike.

by taz



Beautiful Music for Big Feelings

Joy of RainJoy of Rain by Bindaas Madhavi (cc by-nc-nd)

carlypennylane is looking for captivating contemporary instrumental music that strongly captures a mood or a moment

by taz

Tell Tale Hearts

Night VisionNight Vision by Tracy O (cc by-sa)

The Underpants Monster tells a gravediggin' story; Stanczyk tells a tale of paper and love beyond the grave; elgilito talks about the death of French rural disco

by taz

Coordinator for Secret Quonsar

Time to pass the Quons-torch! julen asks, who wants to take over as coordinator for Secret Quonsar?

Who TF does that?

Publicity still of The Association with Larry Ramos center frontThe Association, with Larry Ramos center front

Larry Ramos, that's who. 23skidoo has a great comment about Ramos' skills and background in hippybear's The Association post.

by taz

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