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photo of old book with handmade wooden cover with two geckos carved on it bound by stringBy Tropenmuseum, part of the National Museum of World Cultures, CC BY-SA 3.0

A swift and satisfying answer to a mysterious handmade book find question in Ask Metafilter

by taz

Bookfilter: Magical Economies

colorful stock exchange board with dancing flame in front of it

In Ask Metafilter, miles per flower asks, "I've recently enjoyed a couple books that dive deep on what magic costs — Sanjena Sathian's Gold Diggers and Naomi Novik's A Deadly Education — and I'm looking for more to read along those lines: detailed mechanics and economic systems, with magic as the currency and thoughtful attention to economic metaphors. Suggestions?"

by taz

Do you wand to know a secret?

image of magic wand

verstegan has a great answer for divabat's question Why do magic wands look the way they do?

by taz

The Art in the Art

Magic For Artists header artMagic For Artists header

do whatever sounds cool to you shall be the whole of the law thelonius

For those who like esoteric imagery, fearfulsymmetry posted the excellent "Magic for artists" three-part series. Note thread comments from robocop is bleeding (see also & more) and egypturnash (see also, & more & more)

by taz

Odometer Odyssey

This is the inspiring tale of one number-loving man with a 2007 Honda Odyssey and a dream...

MetaFilter's own freecellwizard is The Prince of Odometers 👑

by taz

Charm School

hope this leads you to greater appreciate of the next magic trick you see (particularly if it's mine)

Penn and TellerPenn and Teller by Alan Light, thank you Alan! (cc by)

By doing this show as a regular part of their act, Penn and Teller hit legendary status after decades of being at the top of the field by literally "doing the trick that Houdini could not".

lupus_yonderboy talks about magic and copyrights and what he knows about the bullet-catching trick.

by jessamyn

Lovely trick!
"Whenever you see anything move or change (like this) it almost certainly isn't magnets." Here's why.

by jessamyn

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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