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Wake me up before you go go

Eye on history

Collage of coronation portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, ca 1600, in full regalia, wearing gold cat-eye eyeglasses with small embedded jewels and light grey tint

In Ask Metafilter, Thorzdad wonders, Are there any accounts of how poor eyesight may have affected history? and asks for writings, studies, research or ancient documentation of world events affected by vision problems, pre-spectacles.

by taz

I asked in vain!

he's a low key kidhe's a low key kid by woodleywonderworks (cc by)

I still don't know what was behind that scary glowing door. In Metatalk, The corpse in the library asks What AskMe of yours are you still curious about? What was never resolved?

by taz

Hello, beautiful!

photo of scoop of white ice cream with fruit preserves and walnuts on top served on a pretty dessert plateDondurma Turkish mastic ice cream

What are foods that made you say, "Where have you been my whole life?!" What else have we been eating in Ask Metafilter lately? Tortillas, garlic, maple syrup jelly, stir-fry, salads, quick lunches, scones, mango pickle, risotto.

by taz

Hey, hey, we've lifted restrictions on Ask Metafilter posts: Announcement and discussion in Metatalk.


Asking for a friend.

black sock decorated with yellow and red evil looking eyes

Can I kill somebody with a sock and a hockey ball? She would prefer to disable, not to kill, but she's pretty ruthless.

by taz

The Olympics on Ask Metafilter

Book Recs vs Book Wrecks

Black Sheep Meets White SheepBlack Sheep Meets White Sheep by Ionics (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, kristi is seeking likable characters, good writing, humor. Please recommend all your well-written, likeable characters. Humor appreciated. Plot optional, while kingdead commands, Bring me the unlikeable characters! I want to read books with unhappy endings, angst and drama, body horror, miserable relationships, etc. Absolutely no redemption! If the writing is experimental, all the better.

by taz

Alonna? Moana? Ohana? Hosanna?

Dawn Chorus LinesDawn Chorus Lines by Gunn Shots ! (cc by)

Trespassers William is looking for a song with a certain chorus. Does it ring a bell? (and don't miss this handy suggestion for Google's "hum to search," from an earlier "what's this song" post)

by taz

Looking Back

Kitchen FYI

White Lake Farms raw natural honey @ SLC Farmers Market UtahWhite Lake Farms raw natural honey @ SLC Farmers Market Utah by FOODLANDER.COM (cc by)

I just found out you can ferment all kinds of fruits and vegetables in just honey! ... but how to find real raw honey?; What are rules of thumb for adding garnishes to pickles?; What are the spices in baland─Śliai (Lithuanian cabbage rolls)?; Copycat recipe for Kraft Mac & Cheese powder mix?; Best Knives?, Gift (for me) Edition; What can I add to my bread recipe?

by taz

Shell Shock

YarrrYarrr by Eric Kilby (cc by-sa)

Would lions eat clams?

by taz

"I'll keep trying to find it"

black and white old photo of Ray Charles with paper coffee cup

OP comes back to say they found the photo ... 13 years later!

by taz

Detection Perception

070-Neurophysiology070-Neurophysiology by nimrlondon (cc by)

Examples of senses used in the pursuit of expertise? infinite intimation asks what is something specific that you discover, detect, discern, diagnose or deduce through a sense?

by taz

Masks in Restoration England

A Woman in Winter Clothing, 1644A Woman in Winter Clothing, 1644 by London Metropolitan Archives

In a question about mask-wearing in Restoration-era England, verstegan answers with fascinating details and sources.

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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