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Standup Comedy Recommendations?

large neon sign on a wood wall reading Photo by Louis Smit on Unsplash

In Ask Metafilter: My New Year’s resolution was to watch more standup as it brings me joy! Please recommend me your favourite standup comedy specials, I like feminist, pro LGBTQ+, no punching down comedians...

by taz

"need more suggestions!"

Sparton Sparton "Saguenay" Television (Model 23M4-C), circa 1960 - Advertising Postcard by Shook Photos (cc by)

We watch entirely too much TV. Help us watch more. In Ask Metafilter, paper scissors sock is looking for the crime drama and dark comedy/dramedy sweet spot.

by taz


dark photo of a whole watermelon with light shining on it from right, making it look like a moon or planet in spacePhoto by Bruno Emmanuelle on Unsplash

He's a Kafkaesque character -- or maybe a Serlingesque one: Some thoughts on Gallagher, from back in 2010, from a Metafilter member filmmaker who interviewed him for a documentary on stand up comedy / comedians. Gallagher current discussion.

by taz

'Tis a silly place

The Holy GrailThe Holy Grail by Tobyotter (cc by)

Fun reminiscences by Marky and others in the Monty Python and the Holy Grail thread in FanFare.

by taz

"Cabbage Head Must Die"

Kids in the Hall reboot promo shot of the group

Canada seemed like this bizarre mirror universe where male fragility was discussed and jokes didn’t always have to feature ballsq*ben. Mefites are talking about The Kids in the Hall, and feminism, and the reboot. (Did you know there was a reboot? Me either!)

by taz

"Could I interest you in everything about "Inside"?"

moody silhouette photo of Bo Burnham onstage speaking into handheld mic

Gorgik: This post is a perfect homage, given the care and obsession that it took to make it. Rhaomi makes a rather spectacular post on comedian Bo Burnham and his pandemic special "Inside."

by taz

Teacups and hoop skirts, and letting your nerd flag fly

Victorian TeaVictorian Tea by Eilidh B (cc by-nd)

Did you catch the short online comedy series "Black Girl in a Big Dress," about the life-and-dating misadventures of a young African American woman who loves Victorian cosplay? It's got Mefites' linen unders all aflutter.

Ask Mefi, Take Me Awaaaay!

Little-known Locally Famous

Loose MeatLoose Meat by FotoEdge

What's an obscure food specialty of your local area, that nobody from outside your area's ever heard of?

What's a comedy or music act, famous in your area, that nobody from outside your area's ever heard of?

that's where I'm a-vining

Invasion - connect the dotsInvasion - connect the dots by Ales Kladnik (cc by)

The art of the tiny comedy - in recognition of the shuttering of Vine, come share your favorite vines.

Rx: Teh Funny

LaughLaugh by Donna L. Faber (cc by-nd)

Movies, tv shows, YouTube, books .... looking for the BIG LAUGH. Not ironic, not sarcastic. Immediately, viscerally funny.

For kestralwing and Mr. K, the best Rx needed, stat: Laughter may be the best medicine, but where can I buy some?

by taz

The cows still speak fondly of him

Mr. HicksMr. Hicks by Ryan Brunsvold (cc by)

For as long as I live, whenever I pass a field of Texas wildflowers; I'll remember summer days spent lying in clover and wildflowers, listening to the trains, watching the sky kaleidoscope, and laughing my fucking ass off while Bill went off on one thing or another. I watched him explain philosophy to a cow once. I'm pretty sure the cow understood. I have never laughed so hard in my life.

dejah420 remembers Bill Hicks

by taz

We Have Always Been At War With Lucida Sans

Periodic Table of Font Elements 1.1Periodic Table of Font Elements 1.1 by FontShop (cc by)

"I always thought Garamond sounded like a weapon name."

by mathowie

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