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Fantastic Stagecraft

Vaudeville all summer longVaudeville all summer long by rockcreek (cc by)

In The Money is in All the Wrong Places thread, Jane the Brown muses on the modern celebrity professions versus the olden days of touring companies and troupes and vaudeville.

(Meanwhile, over in Metatalk, there seem to be a number of vikings and some elves flagging things as Fantastic. I see you.👋)

by taz

Hank Green Explains the Climate Bill

climate changeclimate change by stockcatalog (cc by)

"... in this video you're going to go from understanding more than like, 80 or 90% of people, to understanding this more than 99% of people. And it's only going to take you like 15 minutes."

by taz

Buying Many of Only One Thing

Towels at my Other GymTowels at my Other Gym by Colin Davis Studio (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, things you routinely have multiple types of but you should just get identical versions?

by taz

Another "hey, what are you playing" games roundup post in Metatalk


Some hours are happier than others

photo of large bright red slice of chorizo sausage against black backgroundThe star in question

Be careful not to look directly into the chorizo! James Webb Telescope captures rare cured, smoked, spicy star.

by taz

so then I thought to myself ...

photo of of orange liquid in martini glass with a spear of olives and cheese and two boxes of velveeta in the background

tiny frying pan is looking for more people having terrible ideas, following through.

by taz

Presleys and Rileys and Finleys and Marleys

"What's in a name?" by jack dorsey (cc by)

as someone who studies gender, the evolution of nonbinary / trans communities, and cultural ideas about androgyny, I'd categorize "Bixby" as in the name group moving pretty rapidly from a prior masculine-of-center position, to a current "gender neutral" position, and possibly soon to be in the feminine-of-center position. Some Interesting observations from DrMew on ambiguous, androgynous, gender neutral, and unisex naming trends in the We need to talk about Kévin thread.

by taz

"And goddamn it was tasty"

There is a more summer dish than this ? Water melon,  feta and mint.  @ristorantelavolpenera #tuscany #toscana #toskana #chianti #salvadonica #summerdish #watermelon #fetaThere is a more summer dish than this ? Water melon, feta and mint. @ristorantelavolpenera #tuscany #toscana #toskana #chianti #salvadonica #summerdish #watermelon #feta by Salvadonica, Chianti, Tuscany (cc by)

nayantara is looking for unusual food combos in Ask Metafilter

by taz

*pssst*, hey, buddy ...
Did you know that every Saturday we have MetaTalktail Hour in Metatalk? Most people don't know that.

by taz

How to get a head in life

lollipoplollipop by Flóra (cc by)

at which point everyone ... took pieces of his head home for later snacking: ricochet biscuit reminisces about the ultimate giant chocolate gift in this thread about a giant disgusting lollipop (and other giant disgusting food).

by taz

Is this sinister?

DSCN3846editDSCN3846edit by jon pratty (cc by)

"Shoots you down in a lifeboat, in choppy water, at night, on Easter.": I'd like some insight as to why this sign would be on a state supervisor and an office manager's door to their shared office. Mysterious! But Ask Mefi answerers come through!

by taz

Mix and Match

DNADNA by Caroline Davis2010 (cc by)

there's virtually no predictive power to say "I inherited [x] from my (grand)parent so I probably inherited [y] as well: metaBugs helps us out at the deep end of the gene pool in Ask Metafilter.

by taz

"We’ll need writers who can remember freedom"

black and white photo of Le Guin in dark blouse and light colored skirt sitting in front of a bookcase, arms on knees, smiling at cameraLe Guin in 2009. Photo via Wikipedia, by Marian Wood Kolisch, Oregon State University

humbug posts the shortlist for the Inaugural Ursula K. Le Guin Prize for Fiction!

by taz

Venus in Furs

photo of Vatnesines indeed hella shiny black cat lying on a cushion with sunlight shining on herThe cat in question (Vatnesine photo)

Our cat is very very shiny, it is one of her main skills ... In Ask Metafilter, Vatnesine wonders What is the albedo rating of my very shiny cat?

by taz

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