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"There is no upside to this"

Burning BooksBurning Books by RRP-NYC (cc by-nc)

For the record, three of my books have been banned in TX, one has been banned in OK, and none of them got a sales boost: headspace speaking first-hand on the damage of book bans and how they are hurting kids.

by taz

Woo! Meet the first members of the Metafilter Steering Committee! (and thank you, Transition Team heroes ❤️!)


Title, NOS

LBJLBJ by Michael C Clark (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, "Diseases can be idiopathic. Archaeological artefacts can be for ritual purposes. What are some other technical-sounding terms from other fields that means 'we're really not sure'?"

by taz

delightful or disorienting

diagram of lobster with funny Franglais notes on various partsChiac guide to eating an Acadian lobster from the site

Shepherd with a fabuleux sélection of divers flavors of Chiac tunes.

by taz

'Tis a silly place

The Holy GrailThe Holy Grail by Tobyotter (cc by)

Fun reminiscences by Marky and others in the Monty Python and the Holy Grail thread in FanFare.

by taz

"My father is still known"

B o o k sB o o k s by Kate Mereand (cc by)

There are ghosts in all those haunted basements who are worth knowing. And there's no shame in being one of those ghosts: MrVisible with a poignant reflection on underloved books and their authors in the literary rejection thread.

by taz

"... today this train is in reverse formation"

Glasgow Central arrivalGlasgow Central arrival by Dai Lygad (cc by)

"Plunderphonics": Creative fun with ScotRail announcements!

by taz


New House - Home LibraryNew House - Home Library by G Travels (cc by-nc)

Metafilter members discuss How Many Books Make a Place Feel Like Home?

by taz

Blurred lines

the Catherine Palace (35)the Catherine Palace (35) by Dmitry Karyshev (cc by)

mumimor has some interesting thoughts about Eyebrows McGee's question on Decorating a Baroque palace

by taz

Thinking of you

Christmas giftsChristmas gifts by Maria Eklind (cc by-sa)

What should I send friends as pick-me-up gifts? What would you like to receive as a pick-me-up gift? In Ask Metafilter, dearwassily is looking for little surprises to cheer friends going through heavy times.

by taz


Dumplings, SteamedDumplings, Steamed by iamNigelMorris (cc by)

"Map showing the spread of dumplings," "Stuffed boiled dumplings and the Mongol Empire, 1200–1350," "In the Beginning, There Were ... Dumplings?" and more in kliuless's delicious dumplingfest.

by taz

Recent Metafilter posts that have been flagged as "fantastic"

What doesn't go viral

spymaster, one-handed drivingspymaster, one-handed driving by Nata Luna (cc by-nc)

Bella Donna posted Hacking an ableist world about the ingenious everyday accessibility innovations disabled folks are creating and sharing among themselves as opposed to the less useful (or vaporware) "disability dongles [that] generate feel-good content for brands." Very interesting!

by taz

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