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Weaving Molecular Art Tapestries

DNA origami arrays imagesFractal assembly of micrometre-scale DNA origami arrays with arbitrary patterns (click for image info)

for us "tiny" doesn't mean 10 inches by 10 inches, but rather closer to 1 micron by 1 micron -- one hundred times smaller than the width of a human hair. To make tapestries that small, we don't weave with our hands, but rather we design molecules that weave themselves, using single strands of DNA as thread – brambleboy on creating "DNA origami" tapestries smaller than a photon in the Tiny Tapestries thread.

by taz

Mix and Match

DNADNA by Caroline Davis2010 (cc by)

there's virtually no predictive power to say "I inherited [x] from my (grand)parent so I probably inherited [y] as well: metaBugs helps us out at the deep end of the gene pool in Ask Metafilter.

by taz

Origins and Interactions

ACA_4653ACA_4653 by Alessandro Caproni (cc by)

Very interesting post from dhruva on DNA analysis showing that Polynesians and Native Americans met 800 years ago, including a great comment in the thread from atrazine, who explains in detail some of the reactions to the article: The disagreement with some archaeologists seems to be not the genetic analysis but the hypothesis around where the mixing occurred ...

by taz

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