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Tenement Town

19th century photo of large brick tenement, presumably in Edinburgh

This is great: Uncovering Edinburgh’s forgotten lives, one stair at a time. "Each entry starts with a specific Edinburgh front door and takes us step by step through 200 years or so of the individuals who've lived there."

by taz

no longer to praise

07 pole07 pole by london road (cc by)

A very interesting discussion of architecture, operational energy, design, density, carbon costs, and urban planning in this thread.

by taz

Mystery Church

The scene is an excavation pit at an unidentified New York City construction site. A crew of six men can be seen shoveling dirt into a four-wheeled wooden cart. Then a full cart is slowly lifted out of the pit to street level by a steam-powered crane. These carts are similar in design to those shown dumping rubble at the end of the film New York City Dumping Wharf. Advertisements and campaign posters can be seen on the exposed wall of the building in the background.Excavating for a New York foundation, 1903

I feel like the lead character on a Hollywood Forensics show, able to produce amazing results from the other characters by saying "...Enhance." In Ask Metafilter theatro asks "Manhattan history detectives: what church is (was?) this?" and gets a great investigative analysis.

by taz

"understanding data, like, fractally"

My Social Graph from facebookMy Social Graph from facebook by paul_irish (cc by)

I'm aware that my saying all of this is like when Ollivander referred to Voldemort as "Terrible, but great." But I think it's important, on some level, to understand that Facebook wasn't a fluke: Metafilter member Tom Hanks Cannot Be Trusted on witnessing the rise of Facebook, its early underestimation by most tech folk, and why it "was a radically different beast than Livejournal, MySpace, and anything else remotely adjacent to the scene"

by taz

More on the History of ORT

Mmm. Sweat.Mmm. Sweat. by BitBoy (cc by)

Interesting dip into the details and deeper history on the adoption of ORT (oral rehydration therapy) by biogeo in the Dr Dilip Mahalanabis thread.

by taz

Remembering Blacksod

Crepuscular rays at dawn over the Normandy coastCrepuscular rays at dawn over the Normandy coast by TeaMeister (cc by)

Eisenhower then makes the biggest call of his life and an example to leaders everywhere: He trusts the expert ... A really great analysis by garius of Blacksod, D-Day, the planning, the storm, the leaders, the meteorologists, the arguments and the massive intwining, nerve-shredding drama of it all.

by taz

Slowly, then all at once

Jump!Jump! by EoinGardiner (cc by)

ASF Tod und Schwerkraft has a bonkers-good comment explaining the evolution of Irish dance costuming in the thread on the Irish dance competition cheating scandal.

by taz

Blurred lines

the Catherine Palace (35)the Catherine Palace (35) by Dmitry Karyshev (cc by)

mumimor has some interesting thoughts about Eyebrows McGee's question on Decorating a Baroque palace

by taz


Dumplings, SteamedDumplings, Steamed by iamNigelMorris (cc by)

"Map showing the spread of dumplings," "Stuffed boiled dumplings and the Mongol Empire, 1200–1350," "In the Beginning, There Were ... Dumplings?" and more in kliuless's delicious dumplingfest.

by taz

Keeping Time

HistoriesHistories by Aldaron (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, ordinary_magnet says, "I'm looking for popular songs that relate events or profile people from history in a straightforward, informative way. Can you help me add to this weird playlist?"

by taz

Losing the Long Game

Cold Dawn, Warm WorldCold Dawn, Warm World by marktmcn (cc by)

For millennia, people of all different cultures have done things with unintended consequences that changed and sometimes ruined their environment, from over-hunting megafauna in the Americas to salination of ancient Sumerian irrigated fields to deforestation which led to disasters in 19th century northern China ... jb on the the climate crisis, with an historical view of human perception and the externalities leading to disastrous outcomes

by taz

Not So Paleo, Actually

Wild grainWild grain by ibm4381 (cc by)

clew's post Stones speak and ashes live explores recent archeological research and evidence that "shred the long-standing idea that early people subsisted mainly on meat."

by taz

"Sylvie & I are finding it a trifle wearing."

postcard showing a photo of a long, rather boring gallery room probably in a British National Trust house

It strikes me that the past is funny and odd and serious and heart-breaking and packed full of people who feel a lot like us: hurdy gurdy girl posts Tom Jackson’s quirky Postcard From the Past Twitter feed and podcast.

by taz

Vintage photos of Juneteenth

Biographies of early medieval English women

Fifteenth-century Dutch panel painting of Count Baldwin and Queen JudithJudith: The First Crowned and Anointed Queen of Wessex... At Twelve Years Old

My aim with my newsletter is to eventually have written a biography of every single woman we know existed in England between roughly 500 and 1100: Wobbuffet posts historian Florence H R Scott's excellent and accessible "Ælfgif-who?" collection, with links to each entry so far.

by taz

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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