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Corridor of uncertainty?

Eastons CC v Epping Foresters CC at Little Easton, Essex, England 084Eastons CC v Epping Foresters CC at Little Easton, Essex, England 084 (cc by)

Mefites describe cricket to each other in tomcooke's post thread about a serious amateur cricketer who found themself unexpectedly drafted in to make up the numbers in a village cricket match

by taz

Some Very Good Links

On a green background an illustration over over a dozen Link characters dynamically centered around large LEGENDS OF ZELDA textLegend of Zelda Wallpaper art by PigMasterOra

Zelda Day 2022: 841 facts you probably didn't know about Zelda games

by taz

In case of cabin fever ...

TOKYO StreetTOKYO Street by t.shinobu (cc by)

A walk in the city, or a drive in the country?

by taz

More fun than a blank of blanks!

BlankBlank by Crystl (cc by)

How many Wordle-likes can folkle regurgitadle? A myriadle? Innumeradle? Multitudindle? Incalculadle? The latest to hit Metafilter is Redactle, a blank blank blank where the blank blank to blank the blank of a blank blank blank blank. I hope you find it enjoydle!

by taz

What Might this Cardi B?
Speaking of things found on the ground (earlier), Mystery Card. Do you recognize it?

by taz


Sable game logo atop a futuristic desert scene

domdib posts about "Sable," a beautiful sci-fi game featuring Moebius-inspired graphics and soundtrack by Japanese Breakfast (due in September), with current demo game available for PC and XBox.

by taz

"You got your AI in my MS Paint!"

MS Paint drawing of a dinosaur on an elephant holding a no parking signby mefi's own elgilito, currently at #10 for Dinosaur Parked on Elephant

It's Mefites vs the AI in not on display's posting of, a game in which participants must convince an artificial intelligence that they are the best artist.

by taz

"I can't wait to be a shitty goose"

game screenshot image

i did not anticipate spending so much time stealing underwear in a video game: Mefites are playing the untitled Goose Game!

by taz

Mad Ape Den Day on MF

MonkeyMonkey by Jennie Robinson Faber (cc by)

An odd FPP is fun and a hit; can you add a new bit of apt wit – but on top of all, eke it out to fit?

by taz

Dragon Shout Out

end result example of Ryvar's Skyrim moddingend result example of Ryvar's Skyrim modding

I guess it's time I finally write a serious comment about Skyrim modding. Here goes...

Ryvar completes his quest with an amazing comment on what you need to mod your world, like a boss dragonslayer.

by taz

Biding Our Time

Time FliesTime Flies by h.koppdelaney (cc by-nd)

On MeFi, midmarch snowman clocks some multi-link first-post goodness with Finally a horology post for people who like shiny things, while in the Green, mzurer asks, In 1527 how did English households tell time?

Also linked recently on the Blue:

Built For Eternity, on structures designed to potentially outlast human civilization

400 Years, a browser game that uses time as a gameplay mechanic

Why Time Flies, a visualization of why time seems to pass more quickly as one gets older

by taz

more than a little bit creepy

SpiesSpies by ocularinvasion (cc by-nc)

Yes, it's a game, but the spy/counterspy stuff crosses so far into the real life of the players that you can't say it's just a game.

ryanrs on "what recreational espionage looks like in EVE" (and why EVE has rich espionage gameplay and other games don't) in a question about hobbyist espionage groups.

by taz

We feel a swoon coming on

Katamari Damacy wallpaper - 1366 x 768Katamari Damacy wallpaper - 1366 x 768 by feline_dacat (cc by-sa)

Rhaomi thought today would be a good day for rolling. The katamari. For that purpose alone, We went to the bother, the bother of making this space.

by taz

Hermit Kitten is Patient

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.It's dangerous to go alone! Take this. by mahjqa (cc by-nc-sa)

Hermit Kitten, having arrived at her hermitage at age 43 in the year 51, is now 43 years old in the year 326. She assumes that this is a benefit of her life of quiet contemplation.

Flunkie updates us on the process of playing the Kittens Game in Hermit Mode. (With milestones and setbacks detailed throughout the thread.)

by taz

On refereeing competitive Tetris

TetrisTetris by Gryphus R (cc by-nc-nd)

In a thread about competitive Tetris, tournament ref Chris Higgins drops in to answer some questions about the whole experience, in this and later comments:

So, yeah — being a ref in this case did not involve the kind of ref action you'd see in boxing or other physical sports. The players were well-behaved (no cheating that I saw, no pausing, etc.). But it's a real tournament, and the players are serious. They're also using thrift store equipment that could die at any time, so I was keeping track of scores in realtime in case we lost a console, TV, etc. and I had to call whoever was ahead. Keeping track of the two scores is actually pretty hard.

by cortex

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