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Dear Dairy

Milk Bag & Fancy PitcherMilk Bag & Fancy Pitcher by avail (cc by-nd)

Milk in bags -- Mefites share and learn. Also ice cream that's not ice cream.

"One of the most fun and memorable jobs I've ever had..."

Fair FoodFair Food by MEFI's OWN Waldo Jaquith (cc by-sa)

The machine also had a lot of blinking lights and complex looking buttons, which I thought were important features I didn't know how to operate for the first few days, and then learned they were just for appearance and to make the machine look more futuristic or such. I poked fun at their brochure and logo at the time, laid out entirely in comic-sans, a sin for a wanna-be graphic designer like myself. I still remember one of the guys impassioned response, borne of having to defend it multiple times. "Why do people hate comic-sans? It's happy, it's FUN."

Pandalicious's first comment is a memory of working at the Tulsa State Fair back when Nitro Ice Cream was getting started.

by jessamyn

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