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Cozy New Year

cozycozy by maisha.paradox (cc by-nc)

In Ask Metafilter: "I want to have a nice cosy new year's weekend - good food, crazy cats, and something nice to read/fun to watch. The first two are covered, but suggest me something for the rest?"

by taz

"Waves of Fuzz"

album cover by the band Wednesday showing a collage of a photo of a girl with handwriting in the background, gold and silver decorations, miniature pink feather boa, pink and yellow highlighting, and WHERE IS MY FRIEND written along one sideBy Wednesday -

The New Wave Of American Shoegaze - "While there're so many revelatory new sounds coming out of Philly, the reason we're on the crest of a New Wave of American Shoegaze, not just one city's worth of cool shit, is that there are several other distinct styles coming to fruition in tandem. One of them is country-gaze ..."

by taz

How to remember things you learn at an inconvenient time

brain mechanicsbrain mechanics by lady-traveler (cc by-nc)

"If someone tells me something or asks me to do something while I’m already doing a task, I will say “sure” and immediately forget the thing they told me, forever. Since most of my time is spent in tasks, that means I forget almost everything. Please help."

by taz

Some Very Good Links

On a green background an illustration over over a dozen Link characters dynamically centered around large LEGENDS OF ZELDA textLegend of Zelda Wallpaper art by PigMasterOra

Zelda Day 2022: 841 facts you probably didn't know about Zelda games

by taz

Favorite Internet Radio Stations

Radio dialRadio dial by Honou (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, COD is looking for the best streaming radio recommendations

by taz

9th Annual MST Club Xmas Video Marathon: "Going from the early morning on December 23rd (going by US Eastern time) and going to midnight December 25th and usually a bit beyond, three solid days of riffing, weird movies and Christmas specials! It all takes place in MST Club's video share room."


Idle Hands

The tiny Paris pastel shop that changed art history

At an angle, a wooden box of 48 pastel half-sticks in two trays of four rows, with top ranging from puce to red to yellow to white, and the bottom tray ranging from lilac to teal to green to grey to black. The sticks are noticeably handmade and each stamped ROC. Part of the box's wooden lid can be seen to the right, with fanciful dragon crest and PARIS emblazoned on it.

"The Maison du Pastel shop, off rue Rambuteau, opens only on Thursday afternoons. In this small window of time, Isabelle and Margaret serve their customers like they are selling elixirs for the soul."

... If you missed it, this post on La Maison du Pastel, the Parisian shop selling handmade pastels since the18th century, is -- like their wares -- just lovely.

by taz

Tenement Town

19th century photo of large brick tenement, presumably in Edinburgh

This is great: Uncovering Edinburgh’s forgotten lives, one stair at a time. "Each entry starts with a specific Edinburgh front door and takes us step by step through 200 years or so of the individuals who've lived there."

by taz

About those tidings ...

Three colorful homemade signs on wooden stakes driven into the ground, on each sign a different letter J-O-Y, each in a different stylePhoto by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

limoncello asks, How do I plan a joyful 2023?

by taz


oed 008oed 008 by freeformkatia (cc by-nc-nd)

Everything you didn't know you wanted to know about "countersink": xueexueg drills down on the etymology.

by taz

"My patients aren't fools"

Slow dancing: No music, no partnerSlow dancing: No music, no partner by brendan ó sé

So I'm a family doc and I've spent the last ten years doing addiction & HIV medicine out of a syringe exchange in a large city on the east coast. Fentanyl has been the predominant street-obtained opioid for several years here, often combined with xylazine ... Expect this to spread much more widely. A heartfelt and incisive comment, in which, point by point, Richard Saunders addresses the bleak situation surrounding the Fentanyl crisis.

by taz

Reminder: Here is the Metafilter events list at eventbrite, with several events remaining for this final week, through Sunday ✨


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