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Harvesting Palm SugarHarvesting Palm Sugar by edbrambley (cc by-sa)

Join Mefites for a deep dive on some arts and culture from outside the west:

Catchy song and an intro to Kriol language and culture from an Indigenous Australian singer

A new movie provides a window into the unique culture, language, and politics of multigenerational Tamil-Malaysians

Classic short story from "one of Bengal's greatest writers"

Men's fashion from a prizewinning Indian designer

Regional politics, arts and music from Sudanese and South Sudanese journalists

"the photos on the blog are taken with a Canon S95 point and shoot and then often garishly oversaturated in Picasa."

refugee holding UNHCR ticketThis fragile card is the way refugees access non food items and multiple distributions of food.

Most of these people have been uprooted from years if not decades of living in Sudan. Their patience and grace in a very hot, dusty and challenging environment is impressive.

MeFite tarvuz talks a little about his blog featuring photos from South Sudan.

by jessamyn

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