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Organizing a Life

In Ask Metafilter, artisthatithaca asks How Do You Keep Track of Your Life? "I need a system! I need ... something! I've got my work and life calendar under control, but I need a place to keep all the little tidbits I notice, ideas, writing, things from books, lists of books I've read and want to read, thoughts on life, etc..."

by taz

Balancing Act

Piedras de primavera, spring stones.Piedras de primavera, spring stones. by Vvillamon (cc by-sa)

Life hacks for the psyche and emotional wellbeing? What's a good habit that you introduced in your life and has since made all the difference?

by taz

help me 'get out of my head'

No Way Out Inside My HeadNo Way Out Inside My Head by Jeremy Brooks (cc by-nc)

I'm an anxious beanplater in desperate need of a positive distraction. I want to come up with a long list of activities I can refer to that will help me 'get out of my head' - in other words, the activities are so (manageably, safely) intense or consuming or absorbing that I don't have the time or mental space to waste on unimportant worries and anxieties that would otherwise eat me alive.

Ask Mefi helps nightrecordings out with some distraction action.

by taz

Craigslist tip: Put some fruit on that table.

Amansara Fruit bowlAmansara Fruit bowl by boydiz (cc by)

I sold a kind of lame coffee table (that I bought at a thrift store for 50 cents) for $50 using the fruit trick. I sold a cheap, scraped and scuffed Ikea pressboard endtable that I got for free for $10 using the fruit trick. I even made five whole bucks selling a fucking used tire that I pulled out of the lake using the fruit trick. (Yes, I put a goddamned bowl of fruit on top of the tire. Yes, I made sure to state that the bowl of fruit was not for sale. Yes, I clearly stated the provenance of the tire.)

phunniemee discusses the best way to sell things more effectively on Craigslist.

by jessamyn

Privacy through weirdness

String up nose

When user dancestoblue mentioned a friend sought privacy on planes by "putting a string up his nose" user cybercoitus interruptus asked "how does that work?" dancestoblue explained it in detail (with photos!)

"I believe we can now state, scientifically and unequivocally, that you can just by god knot you some heavy string up and poke it up your nose and get ready for even the jerkiest jerks to give you some space."

dancestoblue showed us it's easier than it sounds and after viewing what it looks like, I'd agree you'd probably be ignored for most air travel if you did it.

originally spotted by jessamyn
by mathowie

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