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close-up photo of a simple wooden mousetrap

"We probably don't go around thinking of Agatha Christie as leaving a 'residue of horror' except that is one of its pleasures, isn't it? These people live in a world even more dangerous than our own--piles of strychnine, whole truckloads of it, just lying about, waiting for you to slight the wrong person and wind up dead."

Mittens has a great comment about crime fiction, crime writing, and crime writers in the Agatha Christie thread.

by taz

"You can't make this shit up"

FrameFrame by seyed mostafa zamani (cc by)

RichardP posted Inside the Mind-Boggling World of the Antiquities Theft Task Force

by taz

Crimin' on my mind

Ransom NoteRansom Note by docoverachiever (cc by)

In Ask Mefi, clarinet wonders, What do I watch after Criminal Minds?, while alex1965 is in search of Gripping, suspenseful podcasts that have a definite resolution, and bookmammal is looking for True Crime Documentaries, and also wants to know, Do you read true crime? Please tell me about your favorite books.

Meanwhile, in FanFare, miss-lapin has posted Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop, and in Metafilter, blue shadows brings us a story of "The Wildest Insurance Fraud Scheme Texas Has Ever Seen": Over a decade, Theodore Robert Wright III destroyed cars, yachts, and planes. That was only the half of it.

by taz

The Art of the Steal

Pink Panther image©REX Photo credit: Everett Collection/REX Stars Wearing The Pink Panther 1993

It's like some 1970s middle class couple one day decided, "Hey honey, why don't we do some criming and heisting? Wouldn't that be fun?" — jonp72

The Art of the Steal: "They were a quiet couple that kept to themselves"; running the jewels (HT: gwint); the world's top art forgery detective; hunting the con queen of Hollywood; how to steal a shark, baby; how to steal it all.

by taz

Mr. Nice

Open the door!Open the door! by Alex Grech (cc by)

JohnnyForeign on his family's brush with an infamous caper: I "never understood the significance of the incident until many years later when my mum explained that we'd entered through the garden to avoid the crowd of journalists..."

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