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Pizza be with you. #dailydrawing #1869 #cheesusPizza be with you. #dailydrawing #1869 #cheesus by Chris Piascik (cc by-nc-nd)

History teaches us that the arc of the mefi universe is long, but it bends toward pizza: Twelve years ago, after a mid-game rain delay ... eereeess um pizza, Jane the Brown answers, "If someone wanted to survive solely on pizza?, and — especially for SFF fans — How David Weber Orders a Pizza. Lazaruslong schools us about pineapple pizza, and los pantalones del muerte remembers, it was pretty funny to see an entire class of college students quietly whispering 'spin' and 'pizza'.

Meanwhile, visiting the recent past, wet noises intensify, and does mustard ever belong on a pizza?, while the dusty vaults cough up the ever-popular Is Pizza a Sandwich? and Greg Nog asks about favorite VERY UNUSUAL or RARE pizza toppings. Pizza!

by taz

Best and Baddest

Grab bag

Anableps anablepsAnableps anableps by rubund (cc by-sa)

zamboni with the facts about giant diamonds, the Venus lander, and what this has to do with export taxes.

Can a fish see out of water? Wolfster introduces us to the amazing anablep, the fish whose eyes are bifocals.

Pogo_Fuzzybutt reflects on "one of the better" pizzas he's had -- the day began with a hiker falling off a cliff (Spoiler: don't worry, the hiker lives).

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