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World Cup Final

Join today's livewatch and discussion in Fanfare for the World Cup Final!

World Cup 2018

Come share your excitement for the World Cup! There's also a bracket thread, and we'll sidebar Fanfare threads for livewatching as they go up.


Unhappy owlUnhappy owl by krishna.naudin (cc by-sa)

It's Superbowl time! Come join in the Superbowl post on Fanfare -- for NFL football, and all the associated intra-Superbowl tv hoopla (ads, halftime, etc)

Good stuff to watch

Place settings

Reflections, windows, mirrorReflections, windows, mirror by Mind on Fire Photography (cc by-sa)

Tornado sirens, weird traffic signals, and more... What are some locally-normal things unique to your home area, that you thought were universal 'til you left home?

fraula and others describe food culture in France

beagle explains some of the appeal of Dutch carbide shooting - "perhaps the pinnacle of cultural achievement in a nation of soccer-playing, bicycle-riding dairy farmers with long winter nights"

Want to be recognized as an independent nation-state? First, get a national football (soccer) team -- diplomacy by sport in occupied Western Sahara.

"Even outlaws have to grow old" -- the story of a legendary Florida marijuana bust in 1973

Take it from a tv person, these two reporters "are the gold standard of TV news feature journalists." -- Minnesota stories

Get to know tiny Hans island, center of a genteel Canada vs. Denmark conflict -- with booze.

New FanFare Clubs for sports and Eurovision

FanFan by ricky.montalvo (cc by-nd)

Members are testing how Fanfare can handle sports events, and the Eurovision song contest! Come check out the new clubs:

NBA basketball club! (Fanfare Talk announcement here)

Football club, for Euro 2016! (FanFare Talk announcement here)

Cycling club! (Fanfare talk announcement here)

Eurovision club! (Fanfare Talk announcement here) (Also recent: How to watch Eurovision from the USA)

Other folks are welcome to try out coordinating discussions for other sports, as well. Drop by the Metatalk thread if you want to hash out an idea.

And for a summer's worth of film series and book discussion and more, check out all the other FanFare Clubs.

"Fall is really beautiful, you know. I guess I never noticed."

Football Practice (1968)Football Practice (1968) by Hunter-Desportes (cc by)

How one man made the decision to end his football career before it got ended by injury.

By my junior year I became a starter because the guy ahead of me popped a hernia. By that time I was the final OL from my peers in freshman football camp. All the other O linemen I had practiced and bonded with had to quit the team due to injury, one by one. Blown knees, wrecked lower backs, loose shoulders, and one concussion so spectacular that I remember the sound to this day.

During the second game of the year one of the juco transfer OL went down with a knee injury. I heard him yelp as he went down. As I watched him get carried off the field, I had an epiphany which was: "What the HELL am I doing?" I was like the poor soul in the war movie who turns around to realize a sniper has taken everyone else out.

No, a better analogy would be "the cop who won't stop talking about being a week from retirement". Having this realization on the 45 yd line in the middle of the 3rd quarter is not really ideal. I spent the rest of the time with my mind racing during every single play - is that the sound of me about to be blindsided? Is that the pocket collapsing towards my knee?

by jessamyn

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