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In the Zone

Pursuit of VikingsPursuit of Vikings by Artiom Ponkratenko (cc by)

In your job, where are you a Viking? This member-sponsored Ask Mefi post asks "What task or part of your work day ... do you really enjoy, to the point of thinking, yeah, this is it, this is where I fit?"

by taz


Office PlayOffice Play by jasoneppink (cc by)

How Do I Accommodate This Person? Ask JAN! brainwane on the Job Accommodation Network.

by taz

Taming the beast

Microsoft Outlook logo

I recently created a rule that sends email to the Clutter folder if it has the text "unsubscribe" in the email body. It is literally the best. I look once a week to make sure there's nothing I actually want to deal with, otherwise trash it all. Is It Over Yet?

Currently popular on Mefi: Best Practices for Outlook, time management tips for "the behemoth of O365." A guide from the product team that created Microsoft Outlook, plus Mefites share their own hacks.

by taz

A Plumb Position

M&M PipelineM&M Pipeline by DaveFayram (cc by)

I am a woman and a journeyman plumber with a B.A. in Statistics from the University of Chicago ... cnidaria posted a fantastic answer to shapes that haunt the dusk's Ask Metafilter question about switching from the academic track to trade work in your 30s.

by taz

"N" = Awesome

gone fishinggone fishing by ursonate (cc by)

n hrs/wk = frugal livelihood; solve for lowest possible n

Zeri asks, "Say you're choosing a career and your *only* criterion is that you want to work the fewest possible hours that will allow you to pay the bills. What options would you consider?"

by taz

Navel Grazing

FGR: BellyFGR: Belly by bloody marty mix (cc by-nc-nd)

The oldest use of the f-word has been discovered, dating the word some 165 years earlier that had ever been seen. It appeared in the name "Roger Fuckebythenavele"

and in the dream-jobs-you-never-knew-you'd-kill-to-have department, litlnemo offers, "I teach a class on dirty surnames (yes, really) and this one so has to go into my list. Those medieval English people were not the most delicate of speech, let's just put it that way."

In other deep thoughts on names and other things, MCMikeNamara asks, Has Axl Rose ever commented on the fact that his stage name is an anagram for "oral sex"?

by taz

You wouldn't even have to look busy

Le Stryge, Tour St. Jacques, and Sacre-CoeurLe Stryge, Tour St. Jacques, and Sacre-Coeur by john weiss (cc by-nc-nd)

Fuego asks:

I have a weird workplace fantasy of having a job that would essentially pay me to do nothing. "Nothing" meaning surfing the internet, watching TV or movies, or reading books and magazines. Maybe occasionally there would be someone to help or some button to push, but 90% of the job time would be downtime. You wouldn't even have to look busy, just as long as whatever the job is gets done. Do such jobs even exist?

by taz

What do MeFites do all day?

Hammer and wood-working tools attributed to Thomas LincolnHammer and wood-working tools attributed to Thomas Lincoln A question about what people's jobs are like nets a lot of interesting responses.

by jessamyn

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