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Write or Wrong

Torn & Cut One Dollar Note Floating Away in Small $ PiecesTorn & Cut One Dollar Note Floating Away in Small $ Pieces by photosteve101 (cc by)

headspace on the affluence / class privilege connection among editors and writers in the publishing world

by taz

How to Sorry

IMG_9089IMG_9089 by V31S70 (cc by)

This master class in How to be a Garbage Person has taught me ... Mefite yes I said yes I will Yes uses "Real Housewives of New York" to answer the question "How do you apologize?" (Also great, apologize like a ridiculous 12 year-old).

by taz

Navel Grazing

FGR: BellyFGR: Belly by bloody marty mix (cc by-nc-nd)

The oldest use of the f-word has been discovered, dating the word some 165 years earlier that had ever been seen. It appeared in the name "Roger Fuckebythenavele"

and in the dream-jobs-you-never-knew-you'd-kill-to-have department, litlnemo offers, "I teach a class on dirty surnames (yes, really) and this one so has to go into my list. Those medieval English people were not the most delicate of speech, let's just put it that way."

In other deep thoughts on names and other things, MCMikeNamara asks, Has Axl Rose ever commented on the fact that his stage name is an anagram for "oral sex"?

by taz

Alma Mater Blotter

Clifford Dale Rinear was a carpenter. No word on whether he incited any riots.

Mudpuppie exercises her sleuthing skills and shares some post-HS bios of the 1911 Spokane High School Yearbook students.

by taz

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