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"My Father Valued My Brain"

Dad and daughterDad and daughter by Peter Werkman ( (cc by)

On a question about dads wanting to learn the basics of feminism to better prepare their daughters for the world, EmpressCallipygos talks about how her dad raised her in a supportive way without deep knowledge of the field.

You don't have to have a degree in women's studies or a nuanced understanding of gender politics to raise independent-minded daughters. My father certainly didn't - he went to trade school instead of college and that kind of theoretical book-study was really not what he was into.

by mathowie

Can I get a witness?

Wedding DayWedding in the courthouse - Daniel and Kate by Russ Benfield (cc by)

Sometimes when you ask a question it turns out the perfect person to answer it works across the street from where you are getting married and can solve your problem.

by mathowie

April Fools: explained

LibraryLibrary by thejester100 (cc by)

MetaFilter has a long history of doing something on April Fool's Day, and for this year we did something big, but subtle. If you were logged in and visited Ask MetaFilter yesterday, chances are you saw this special page of questions that might have looked familiar. They were all questions posed from the perspective of a character in a fictional book, film, or game. Members were also allowed to offer up answers to the characters.

If you missed the page yesterday, read through them and try and figure them out. If you're stumped and want to see the answer key, there's one on the MetaFilter Wiki. There's also a big MetaTalk discussion that covers lots of the hows, whos, and whys of it.

by mathowie

The Rhyme and Reason Behind Post-it Note Colors

post-it colors

MetaFilter member overeducated_alligator gives us the low-down on why Post-It notes come only in certain colors that don't seem evenly spread throughout the color wheel.

by mathowie

I was talking to the duck!

Lists Are Fun!Lists Are Fun! by Malcolm Tredinnick (cc by)

An amazing internet sleuthing took place in Ask MetaFilter a few months ago when dmd asked us to help me come up with the jokes associated with a list of punchlines he found in his recently deceased father's notebooks. Ask MeFi stepped up and answered them all, and this story was recently featured on the new TLDR podcast from NPR's On The Media:

by mathowie

Someone a little older and wiser always has their back, no matter what

Drawing on index cardDrawing on index card by koalazymonkey (cc by)

In a thread seeking advice/gifts to impart on a 9 year-old receiving his first wallet, MetaFilter member decathecting describes the ultimate reference card for young people:

Make a card that is twice the size you actually need. Fold it in half, and then write on both sides of what is now the outside. Tell the young man that this is his emergency card. Include on the card a telephone number that you promise to answer, day or night, if he is in trouble and needs an adult, no questions asked. Advice about stuff he can't talk to his parents about, help getting a ride home from someplace he's not supposed to be, bail money, whatever. Before you laminate it, slip a $50 bill between the two halves, inside the fold. Tell him it's there, and that it's his emergency money, and that it will always be there if he needs it, but that the money is a one-time offer, so he really needs to save it for a situation he can't get out of on his own.

by mathowie

What was the most comforting condolence sentence you ever heard?

At restAt rest by kennymatic (cc by)

Knowing what to say when a friend or family member tells you about someone's passing is never easy, and compounds an already less-than-ideal situation. The question "What was the most comforting condolence sentence you ever heard?" has so many good answers for what to say at that moment that I'll just point to the whole thread.

by mathowie

New titles, new customization options
We've added titles to the front pages of MetaFilter, Ask, and MetaTalk, and additionally, added options to customize the size/faces.

by mathowie

Is a heat pump worth it?

Heat Pump Field InstallationHeat Pump Field Installation by Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M (cc by)

MeFite larkery explains some of the data you have to assess when considering whether a heat pump is worth the expense.

In conclusion: it's really hard to work out whether heat pumps are a good idea or not - you need a lot of different data to get a good result, and some of those data are hard to come by.

by jessamyn

MetaFilter Holiday meta-gift guide

MeFi Mall!

It's that time of year, so I thought I'd help everyone's holiday shopping out by compiling a list of gift-related resources from MetaFilter.

Helping finding specific gifts is a popular request at Ask MetaFilter and here is a recent list:

If you're into giving books as gifts, the wiki also has one of the most exhaustive categorized lists of previous questions about books. Take a gander, pick a subject, and check out all the amazing old threads about the best books in any category.

Lastly, the fine folks of Ask MetaFilter also have compiled a list of all the best gift guides found online. And as always, we set aside a "mall" of all the MetaFilter members selling gifts online, sorted by category.

by mathowie

1 Lid 2 Cups

Which animal has the hardest eyes?

chitonchiton by Dan Hershman (cc by)

Chitons have eyes that are made of minerals, and other fascinating eyeball factoids.

by jessamyn

Pride, Prejudice, and lunch period

Woman sleeping with Jane AustenWoman sleeping with Jane Austen by WarmSleepy (cc by)

High school is the World of Jane Austen

by mathowie

"I might not be able to afford to come to the states yet, but perhaps this way I'll at least be able to get a taste of its four corners."

Built-Rite Wild Animal Map PuzzleBuilt-Rite Wild Animal Map Puzzle by MeFite Marxchivist (cc by)

What are the best films which have been made about your state or city?

by jessamyn

Car fires: reality vs. the movies

FirefightersFirefighters by AMagill (cc by)

In a question about whether or not cars on fire blow up like they do in movies, member sanka happens to be an accident investigator and clues us all in on what a car fire is really like:

What generally happens when a car is allowed to burn to completion is the tank itself will melt through (almost all are plastic tanks now), allowing the gas to escape, then ignite. It will look like a large grease fire flare up, not a boom or blow up.

by mathowie

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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