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A Flood of MeFi Music

They Might Be Giants - John FlansburghThey Might Be Giants - John Flansburgh by CLender (cc by)

In 1990, They Might Be Giants released their classic album "Flood". Over the last few months, musicians on MeFi Music have been posting cover songs for the entire album, which was recently completed, and all tracks can be heard here just in time for the 25th anniversary.

by mathowie

How does a trombone slide so much without notes changing?

trombonetrombone by evoo73 (cc by)

Lokheed explains how playing a trombone works, in layman's terms.

by mathowie

"Music that just sits there and doopey-doops"

Big Eight TrackBig Eight Track by Wyscan (cc by-nc)

Have you ever felt the need for more enervation in your playlists? glhaynes is here to help, with their Ask Me post, "I'm a boring person and I want boring music to go with my life." Mefites rise to the challenge.

by taz

Alice's Restaurant Megapost Flashback

From the archives: three years ago, metafilter member Miko put together an exhaustive post about Thanksgiving classic Alice's Restaurant, which is basically the perfect thing to disappear into if you need to gird yourself for family or ruminate in a postprandial stupor.

by cortex

MeFiMu: The Great Song Request Raffle
"I am excited to announce that the new Music Challenge will shortly be launched: the Great Song Request Raffle, as suggested by Jessamyn and fine-tuned (lulz) as a concept by some of us MeFiMufites. When the challenge launches we'll start getting requests in, so roll up, roll up - if you think you can take on the challenge of fulfilling someone's wish, please comment here...."

by jessamyn

Piano Hero???

2013-06-01 15.50.142013-06-01 15.50.14 by ℤoḁsterboy (cc by)

Eyebrows McGee talks about listening to her great-grandmother's piano rolls.

My great-grandmother, under a false name, recorded several piano rolls during the Depression to help feed her family. This is one that she played, Never Again, that has been rereleased as a historically important recording and they're making new copies of the roll.

It makes me a little teary to be listening to my great-grandmother playing piano via the magic of the internet. The gentleman who collects, curates, and re-releases this got in touch with my family several years ago because he'd managed to track down my great-grandmother's real name, and wanted information to add to her biography, as she recorded a LOT of rolls and was fairly well-known for it. The curator was able to send us audio files of a bunch of her rolls playing on the roll piano, and my grandfather, who was quite elderly at the time, was able to hear his mother play piano again before he died last year. It meant an awful lot to him, and to us, and it makes me teary to be able to listen to this one on YouTube.

by jessamyn

MefiSwap 2013 is a go!
Do you like swapping actual physical mix CDs with actual physical mefites? Check MefiSwap 2013, then.

by cortex

A sweet memory of an old song

Jukebox - 1947 Wurlitzer model 1080Jukebox - 1947 Wurlitzer model 1080 by canorus (cc by)

It was ready, I dug out my box of 45's and we loaded it up, hit the switch on the back and watched the lights come on. Sean punched two buttons, the mechanism started to work, picked up a 45, place it on the turntable, and we listened to that Wurlitzer spit out Louie Louie, a record I had purchased used over 20 years ago.

HuronBob tells a jukebox story that spans 35 years.

by jessamyn

It's Music Swap Time Again!
Sign up to exchange music with MeFites in the semi-annual MetaFilter Music Swap.

by jessamyn

A Christmas Eve Secret Quonsar Tale of Giving and Receiving

Bondcliff made rouftop a ukulele. Rouftop made bondcliff a song with that ukulele, with help from scottandrew. Sing along with us....

by jessamyn

My Style Is UFO, Totally Unkown

Die AntwoordDie Antwoord by FromSandToGlass (cc by)

South African MetaFilter member 00dimitri00 gives a bit of background, history, and insider perspective on the band Die Antwoord:

It's like we're all in on Waddy's Joke and it's a gas seeing the rest of the world trying to figure it out.

by mathowie

Deconstructed Americana

Americana album coverAmericana album cover

Neil Young has a new album out and MeFi member yourcelf breaks down all the tracks with some background info on how much more there is to common folk songs we sing around the campfire.

by mathowie

Subterranean Homesick Mariachi

Metafilter's local musicians are spending the month of July working up covers en masse of the twelve tracks of Radiohead's seminal OK Computer. It's early yet, but there've been some fun entries already, and this is maybe my favorite of the bunch: a Mariachi style Spanish-language take on "Subterranean Homesick Alien", by user hanoixan.

And he even got some help with the translation from Ask Metafilter.

by cortex

"I was on the Sonique team"

choonagechoonage by Theis Kofoed Hjorth (cc by)

I can say with authority that Winamp3 went wrong in some very technically fundamental ways.

by jessamyn

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