Slabs 101

slab upslab up by chris kuga (cc by)

Come ride the waves with not_the_water's great post about slab surfing

Fusion cuisine, UK/USA

Fish and ChipsFish and Chips by garryknight (cc by)

For a party, help me think of typical UK foods to make with US ingredients, or vice versa

Draining a pool, but not that way

Frogs in the Pool...Again!Frogs in the Pool...Again! by Gatorgoon (cc by-nd)

How do you drain a pool?

'ear, 'ear!

Greater One-horned Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis)Greater One-horned Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis) by warriorwoman531 (cc by-nd)

September 6th, 2017: the day thousands of Mefites checked for foulness behind their ears for the very first time Elly Vortex

Melismata asks why the backs of her ears sometimes smell like rhinoceros ass ... and Mefites have answers!

by taz

Hurricane Irma

A post on the blue for general discussion of Hurricane Irma, and a Metatalk for affected Mefites to check in.


Exit?Exit? by konstriktion (cc by-nc)

A Florida member asks for advice about a possible evacuation to Orlando ahead of Irma, pet friendly and disabled accessible.

Arachnid-friendly Mefite gets suggestions for temporarily rehoming the spiders that live in the old wooden window frame in their kitchen. Reason: landlord coming to inspect the leaky window!

by taz

Loafing around on Mefi

Cakes & Bakes: BonnagCakes & Bakes: Bonnag by H is for Home (cc by-nc)

Jane the Brown has a fascinating comment on 19th century home bread making in ShooBoo's fresh, piping hot post "The Rise of Baking Powder"

by taz

132: During Pre-Roll We Talked About The Dacia
Jessamyn and cortex are back with another monthly podcast episode!

by cortex

Hurricane Harvey

As expected Harvey has intensified into a HurricaneAs expected Harvey has intensified into a Hurricane by NASA Goddard Photo and Video (cc by)

Mefites discuss Hurricane Harvey and check in on Metatalk.

These Kids Bring Honor to Us All

Hua Mulan screenshot

...this is kinda amazing. i do not know who made this or how but somehow i am glad it exists. aielen

cubby has posted Hua Mulan, a rather amazing, quirky "live action version of Mulan, with a cast of quite talented child actors," and LEGO Damashii spotted the side-by-side with the Disney version. Great stuff!

by taz

Are plants sentient?

Ent feet..Ent feet.. by MiddleEarths (cc by)

Fantastic first post from Stonkle!

by taz


Falling or Flung?Falling or Flung? by M.Christian (cc by-nc-nd)

I've further subdivided the In The Bathroom category of MefiWiki::YouWHAT. I hope you people are happy. A comment from zamboni in the Proper Way to Prepare a Toothbrush Ask Me thread reminds us about the excellent, amusing, and instructive Mefi Wiki section on "all the threads that have exposed the shocking practices of our fellow Metafilterians."

by taz

[This is Good]

Beer FoamBeer Foam

Don't miss filthy light thief's post on Kasou Taishou, or 欽ちゃん&香取慎吾の全日本仮装大賞 (translation: Kinchan and Katori Shingo's All Japan Costume Grand Prix), with many fun examples of "'faking' cinematic special effects on a live stage"

by taz

You say "Tomato," I say "помидор"

DP2M3705  Tomato from the Dacha GardenDP2M3705 Tomato from the Dacha Garden by carlfbagge (cc by-nc-nd)

Why are so many tomato varieties and cultivars from Russia? in Ask Metafilter

by taz

Day of Hubris

DryerDryer by jon|k (cc by-nc-nd)

So on day one, I load a towel into the drier and hop in the shower because I am a wise man. Yes, it was as decadent as you imagine...

Flyingfox discusses the lesser known perils of nano-bathrooms, stacked dryers, and the adventurous bather in The UK and USA: two proud nations divided by damp, grey underwear thread.

by taz

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