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The Rhyme and Reason Behind Post-it Note Colors

post-it colors

MetaFilter member overeducated_alligator gives us the low-down on why Post-It notes come only in certain colors that don't seem evenly spread throughout the color wheel.

by mathowie

MetaFilter's Choice contest week 4 results

Announcing: MeFi Labs

IO Graph ArtIO Graph Art by nathanmac87 (cc by)

With the end of 2013 behind us, we've just launched a mini-site called MeFi Labs featuring a year-end summary of statistics, top mentions of Amazon items from 2013, recent Amazon mentions, and recent YouTube mentions in posts and comments. We're also discussing it on MetaTalk.

by mathowie

MetaFilter's Choice contest week 3 results

This is the third week of results for our Mefites Choice contest.

Guess The Album GameGuess The Album Game by shrff (cc by)

1. mannequito made an epic post that serves as a history lesson and homage to the silent/hidden track on albums.

james tiptree award anthology 2james tiptree award anthology 2 by cdrummbks (cc by)

2. filthy light thief furnishes us with a post covering the history of new wave Sci-Fi writer James Tiptree Jr., and the revelation that eventually came to light about the author.

Get Smart.Get Smart. by Baylee_Farris (cc by)

3. zarq drops a megapost about the comedy spy show Get Smart, featuring every episode on YouTube along with the movies and spin-offs that followed.

by mathowie

Christmas Cookie Cutters

Emptily NestedEmptily Nested by CarbonNYC (cc by)

In a thread about a famous Christmas cookie cookbook, MetaFilter member Elsa shares an amazing personal story about cookie cutters, stern family members, and giving thanks.

by mathowie

MetaFilter's choice contest week 2 results

1. cthuljew's amazing post about the life and death of the Islamic Golden Age from July 30, 762 to February 13, 1258.

Scholars at an Abbasid library. Maqamat of al-Hariri Illustration by YahyĆ” al-Wasiti, Baghdad 1237

2. Pope Guilty's comprehensive history of Doom post: Twenty Years of Ultra-Violence.

Doom 3: MancubusDoom 3: Mancubus by Psycho Al (cc by)

3. daisyk's post People of Color are not an anachronism

Balthazar at the Adoration of the MagiBalthazar at the Adoration of the Magi

4. Honorable Mention goes to Going To Maine with their quirky Grandma's GIFT post that caught cortex's eye.

Thanks for all the great posts and great voting and prizes offered. We still have two solid weeks of contest left as well as many month-end competitions going. Go vote for your favorites!

by jessamyn

MetaFilter's choice contest week 1 results

Most every December, MetaFilter throws a best post contest and this year is no different: The MeFites Choice Awards.

Week one has passed and the winners have been announced. Here are the top three posts to MetaFilter according to voting members of the site.

Where My Ladies At? is a post about sexism among scientists that includes this brilliant video response as well as a huge list of female STEM online educators. It was posted by Blasdelb.

A Star Trek video of Picard's crew singing "let it snow" by Gelatin came in second.

And last but not least, the man of twists and turns made a comprehensive post on the state of conspiracy theory culture in America, looking back over 50 years.

We'll continue to post weekly recaps of the winners throughout this month.

by mathowie

"There's a language to these things."

-342 : guinea pig pwn-342 : guinea pig pwn by Of Corgis & Cocktails (cc by)

AskMe's advice for novice gamers.

by gnfti

Alice's Restaurant Megapost Flashback

From the archives: three years ago, metafilter member Miko put together an exhaustive post about Thanksgiving classic Alice's Restaurant, which is basically the perfect thing to disappear into if you need to gird yourself for family or ruminate in a postprandial stupor.

by cortex

C is for Cookie

The great Metafilter Holiday-Adjacent Cookie Swap of 2013: signups have begun!

by jessamyn

MeFites' Choice Contest - Make a Good Post, Reward a Good Post
We've started collecting a list of prizes and topics for the 2013 MeFites' Choice Awards. Join us in MetaTalk and consider adding a prize and/or topic of your own?

by jessamyn

"Think about cameras, lenses, and the difference between film and sensors."

Leica 35 mm, 1928Leica 35 mm, 1928 by national museum of american history (cc by-nc-sa)

Also note how this photograph doesn't perfectly look like reality. Much of this comes from the fact that it was shot with grainy high-speed film, with unrealistic tones which we already contextually relate to a previous era. It looks like a photo from the 60s, because the technology wasn't there to make the shot look realistic.

Sticherbeast talks about the changes in photographic technology that make a photo from the Sixties look like a photo from the Sixties.

by jessamyn

Keep Your Fork, There's Pie

Thanksgiving PiesThanksgiving Pies by Al_HikesAZ (cc by-nc)

An AskMe thread with many recipes for simple pies.

by jessamyn

Secret quonsar 2013: Relatively Earlier This Year!
Drawings for Secret Quonsar will be November 22nd this year. See this MeTa thread for more specifics.

by jessamyn

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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