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Mail ChuteMail Chute by Teknorat (cc by-sa)

Anyway the seams between the plastic sheets sometimes intercepted the corner of an envelope. In a building as tall as the WTC mail would hit impressive speeds. So one jammed letter would quickly gather many letters, traveling near the speed of sound, into a densely packed arterial blockage ... Guess who found them?

Splunge recounts his adventures as an "ex-officio mail plumber" valiantly clearing clogs in the WTC mail chutes in Ragini's fun post, The mail chutes of New York City

by taz

Can I get a witness?

Wedding DayWedding in the courthouse - Daniel and Kate by Russ Benfield (cc by)

Sometimes when you ask a question it turns out the perfect person to answer it works across the street from where you are getting married and can solve your problem.

by mathowie

Changing Subway platforms is much harder than you'd think

IMG_3477IMG_3477 by Micah Sittig (cc by)

In the wake of the NYC subway tragedy, MetaFilter members wondered why we couldn't have sealed subway platforms with trains stopping only at doors (like those pictured above, called platform edge doors - PEDs). Users sevenyearlurk breaks down the immense cost of retrofitting lines and garius explains the difficulties of getting them to work correctly:

Just to provide some kind of summary on the whole "platform doors" thing, it's always worth remembering that, when it comes to Metro systems, it's generally pretty easy (and cost effective) to do stuff as long as its done or planned for when the system is built. After that though you're pretty screwed.

by mathowie

I'm really worried about that poor crane

The important lessons imparted by subway steps

An astute observation from MeFi member JimmyJames:

Next time people ask why sociology is important, I'm going to show them this video.

On its own, when you see one person slip, you automatically assume that person slipped, was clumsy or not playing attention. But when you look at the aggregate, you realize that the failure isn't on the individual at all, rather the structures that cause certain people to fail with almost no fault of their own. And yet, without this data, they will very quickly ascribe the mistake to themselves.

by mathowie

Some remedial-ass popping & locking

subway breaksubway break by Runs With Scissors (cc by-nc-nd)

In a thread about fights on the NYC subway, davidjmcgee explains how he once broke up a fight. BY DANCING.

originally spotted by jessamyn
by mathowie

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