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"Fantastic Breasts and Where To Find Them"

353:365 - You Could Use a Good Kiss!353:365 - You Could Use a Good Kiss! by Nomadic Lass (cc by-sa)

OH I FORGOT TO MENTION... that MetaFilter is actually what got me into poetry in the first place.

Mefi's own frizzle is featured in a post on her performance at the 2014 National Poetry Slam reciting her poem about Harry Potter, pornography, and non-consent.

by taz

I have treated / the fleas / that were on / the feline...

dezemberscharm├╝tzel (13)dezemberscharm├╝tzel (13) by Querkropf (cc by)

Mefite sarastro's having a cat/flea situation, but in verse: "What remedies exist for a cat beflea'd?"

My most faithful feline associate
while I, at length, was absent
has, it seems, become woefully beset
by fleas or lice
or something that bites and leaves
her in a most agitated and sorry state.

And so on. And the answers follow suit, in large part. Cat question in, doggerel out.

by cortex

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