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And a small child ...And a small child ... by Counselman Collection (cc by-sa)

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And the lion shall lie down with the lamb. It's in the Bible, right? Well no, Isaiah 11.6 says the wolf will lie down with the lamb. Why do I and so many other people remember it as a lion?

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Marine biologists, what was that thing I saw all the time in Bermuda?

WTF Abe Lincoln Ephemera, ISO uncanny things related to Abe Lincoln

What's making this creepy noise in the woods?

How is this street performer just sitting there, balancing his bike on the front wheel?

How does the icing get on black and white cookies?

What could have killed a shrub/bush in one day?

How to completely prevent solicitors from coming to my house?

by taz

"in my shop we have SO MANY FEELS FOR BIKES"

January 8, 2011January 8, 2011 by Jeremy Jenum (cc by)

MeFite spikeleemajortomdickandharryconnickjrmints talks about what sort of routine maintenance your bicycle is likely to need.

the big takeaway is that you need to ask your shop to break down the individual items on the estimate and also tell you WHY things need to be done. We expect to get called out on every recommendation, so we don't just make shit up, ever. If we say your wheels need to be replaced because your braking surface is worn, then we will also be ready to break out the tool that indicates this. If your shop says something like that, by all means reply with "Ok, could you please show me why you think that needs to be done" and if they wave their hands in the air and give you woo woo or something, fuck 'em.

by jessamyn

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