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A Q&A with Ryan North, Webcomic Maker, 29 March 2023 | 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM EST

Ryan North is here to A your Qs! If only there were a better way to put that, but sadly, there is not. Ryan's been a webcomic maker since 2003 with Dinosaur Comics - - and most recently he's writing the Fantastic Four for Marvel. He's written bestselling nonfiction guides to time travel and world domination too, but then one time he got stuck in a hole with his dog, so let's keep our expectations for how clever he is moderated here. Discussion with Ryan North facilitated by John Harris.

A Q&A with Drew Curtis, Founder and Maintainer of Fark, 31 March 2023 | 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM EST

Fark is a couple of years older than MetaFilter, and has a fairly different, more rancorous culture. (It has been described as “rowdy.”) While it was something of a bad boy of the early Web, its rowdyness would be far surpassed by sites like Something Awful, 4chan, and worse. Meanwhile Fark has continued being itself all this time, posting community-submitted links and offering entertaining commentary on them with a fair dose of editorial selection for 24 years. We’ll talk with Drew about a variety of topics related to Fark and the Web. Discussion with Drew Curtis facilitated by John Harris.

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