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"I work for Nike, developing new models of shoes..."

concept sketch of shoe art

Member rodeoclown shares an incredible story of designing custom Nike shoes along with a young diabetes patient, and the extra lengths they went to make it really great.

One "on the side" project I've been lucky enough to do was creating a special shoe for a 10-year-old boy as part of a long-running fundraiser (for the past 10+ years, Nike has worked with kids from the Doernbecher Children's Hospital here in Portland, letting them design custom shoes, actually bringing them into production, then selling and donating all proceeds to the hospital... ~$8 million dollars raised so far.)

by mathowie

So you want to impregnate a pig...

small pigsmall pig (cc by)

MonkeyToes owns a farm and has learned to do lots of strange things not taught in school, like how to help impregnate a pig:

The key, at least from my end, was to keep her calm and more or less still for the five or six minutes it took my husband to remove the cap from the semen container, fit it into his end of the spirette, and gradually squeeze its contents down the long tube.

by mathowie

Competitive Fit Bitting

w00tw00t by @boetter (cc by)

In an effort to improve everyone's fitness, MeFi member barchan relates the story of competing for the most daily steps against her parents:

Not long after we started, my parents both started catching up to me, even without the handicaps. This is great! I thought. And because you can't help but compete with your own fitbit, I started upping my daily totals. And so did they. And so did I. And so did they.

by mathowie

The cows still speak fondly of him

Mr. HicksMr. Hicks by Ryan Brunsvold (cc by)

For as long as I live, whenever I pass a field of Texas wildflowers; I'll remember summer days spent lying in clover and wildflowers, listening to the trains, watching the sky kaleidoscope, and laughing my fucking ass off while Bill went off on one thing or another. I watched him explain philosophy to a cow once. I'm pretty sure the cow understood. I have never laughed so hard in my life.

dejah420 remembers Bill Hicks

by taz

Quick hit
Insider take worth reading: former writer and editor at Television Without Pity, Linda Holmes shares her memories and the staff she worked with at TWOP on the announcement of it shuttering.

by mathowie

Putt-putt is a serious thing

putt putt golfputt putt golf by Evil Erin (cc by)

MeFi member parliboy gives a good explanation why putt-putt golf competitions are actually pretty serious and the courses are somewhat standardized.

Things don't always go perfectly according to plan. Moisture in the carpet affects traction and skidding. And skidding plays a much larger role with a banking shot, with a decent angle, because the changed angle of the ball might not be what you want it to be if the weather is off. (And no, you're not allowed to wipe to rain off of the rail; the rules actually prohibit that.) Wind plays a role, like with "real" golf.

by mathowie

Shuttle recovery memories

Space Shuttle Columbia MemorialSpace Shuttle Columbia Memorial by cliff1066™ (cc by)

MeFi member arnicae shares what it was like during the aftermath of the Space Shuttle Columbia's crash 11 years ago in east Texas.

The response of the communities of deep east Texas, an area of the country with some very problematic and sad history is nothing short of phenomenal. Though the weather was cold and rainy throughout the days and weeks that followed the crash, searchers, many of them volunteers from throughout the South (and around the country) stayed out for twelve hour shifts.

by mathowie

Beavis and Butthead Do Congress

Christmas Cookie Cutters

Emptily NestedEmptily Nested by CarbonNYC (cc by)

In a thread about a famous Christmas cookie cookbook, MetaFilter member Elsa shares an amazing personal story about cookie cutters, stern family members, and giving thanks.

by mathowie

The Toyota Way

Final Assembly of Aero SupersportsFinal Assembly of Aero Supersports by joncallas (cc by)

On the occasion of the Toyota company founder's death, MeFi member ceribus peribus reminisces about his father's time working for Toyota and how it was different than American car manufacturers:

My Dad worked in a very senior position at TMMC for over 16 years before his retirement, so I became familiar with The Toyota Way, the Toyota Production System (yes, TPS reports), kaizen, and kanban through discussions with him and from glancing through the written materials he brought home.

by mathowie

Baby Turtles in the Balance

March of the Baby TurtlesMarch of the Baby Turtles by Clearly Ambiguous (cc by)

MetaFilter member Muddler studied sea turtles and came away with some important lessons:

So, there is a balance that can be reached to help save the turtles, but it takes some creativity and understanding of the predicament of both the turtles and the people who live near their beaches. Thankfully, the Olive Ridley population is doing relatively well, no doubt in part to the efforts at Ostional.

by mathowie

"Go Daddy is her chicken suit"

NASCARNASCAR by Pranavian (cc by)

While discussing Danica Patrick qualifying first in the upcoming Daytona 500, member dejah420 recounts the demands of car racing and what it's like moving up in the racing world as a young woman:

I am a woman. I drove my first drag race when I was barely big enough to reach the pedals. I won. A lot. The majority of that because the powerhouse I was holding on to was so insanely good; not because I was a prodigy. Drag racing is all about holding on to your ride. By 16 or so, I could hold my own on dirt tracks, and won regularly enough that someone was willing to chance me driving oval.

by mathowie

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Obey GiantObey Giant by Stewart Dawson (cc by)

When a member recounts meeting Andre the Giant, while on a first date, at the premiere of The Princess Bride, there are at least three reasons the story is going to be great:

"I'm Admiral Haddock, Mr. The Giant, and I am on my first date with Jenny. I am a big fan and I think you're great."

by mathowie

Teaching Dads 'n Guns

C.W. Billings (LOC)C.W. Billings (LOC) by The Library of Congress

MetaFilter member HuronBob got an amazing Christmas present one morning, his own rifle. He not only learned how to shoot it, but also learned what it meant to have a dad.

It was an Ithaca, single shot, lever action .22! All I had to do was throw on some boots and head for the fields across the street. Look out, rabbits! Get out of my way, crows! I'm after big game, fox, deer, elephant!

"First you have to learn how to shoot it safely."

by mathowie

Right place, right time

IMG_1536IMG_1536 by JohnnyO1000

At the third perfect game thrown in Major League Baseball this season, MetaFilter member Slarty Bartfast brought his 3 year old son to see his first game and it sounds like not only the perfect day but you find out the coincidences don't stop there:

At the last called strike, the crowd goes wild and the team is jumping up and down, giving each other hugs not 10 yards in front of us. My boy is getting high fives from all the people around us including the Mariners Moose and the people sitting in the row behind us who tell me my kid is the cutest, luckiest kid ever. Perfect game, indeed.

by mathowie

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