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New FanFare Clubs for sports and Eurovision

FanFan by ricky.montalvo (cc by-nd)

Members are testing how Fanfare can handle sports events, and the Eurovision song contest! Come check out the new clubs:

NBA basketball club! (Fanfare Talk announcement here)

Football club, for Euro 2016! (FanFare Talk announcement here)

Cycling club! (Fanfare talk announcement here)

Eurovision club! (Fanfare Talk announcement here) (Also recent: How to watch Eurovision from the USA)

Other folks are welcome to try out coordinating discussions for other sports, as well. Drop by the Metatalk thread if you want to hash out an idea.

And for a summer's worth of film series and book discussion and more, check out all the other FanFare Clubs.

Mefi NCAA Brackets

BasketballBasketball by chillihead (cc by)

Last chance to fill in your Mefi March Madness brackets (men's and women's) before the NCAA basketball starts.

Putt-putt is a serious thing

putt putt golfputt putt golf by Evil Erin (cc by)

MeFi member parliboy gives a good explanation why putt-putt golf competitions are actually pretty serious and the courses are somewhat standardized.

Things don't always go perfectly according to plan. Moisture in the carpet affects traction and skidding. And skidding plays a much larger role with a banking shot, with a decent angle, because the changed angle of the ball might not be what you want it to be if the weather is off. (And no, you're not allowed to wipe to rain off of the rail; the rules actually prohibit that.) Wind plays a role, like with "real" golf.

by mathowie

On refereeing competitive Tetris

TetrisTetris by Gryphus R (cc by-nc-nd)

In a thread about competitive Tetris, tournament ref Chris Higgins drops in to answer some questions about the whole experience, in this and later comments:

So, yeah — being a ref in this case did not involve the kind of ref action you'd see in boxing or other physical sports. The players were well-behaved (no cheating that I saw, no pausing, etc.). But it's a real tournament, and the players are serious. They're also using thrift store equipment that could die at any time, so I was keeping track of scores in realtime in case we lost a console, TV, etc. and I had to call whoever was ahead. Keeping track of the two scores is actually pretty hard.

by cortex

Right place, right time

IMG_1536IMG_1536 by JohnnyO1000

At the third perfect game thrown in Major League Baseball this season, MetaFilter member Slarty Bartfast brought his 3 year old son to see his first game and it sounds like not only the perfect day but you find out the coincidences don't stop there:

At the last called strike, the crowd goes wild and the team is jumping up and down, giving each other hugs not 10 yards in front of us. My boy is getting high fives from all the people around us including the Mariners Moose and the people sitting in the row behind us who tell me my kid is the cutest, luckiest kid ever. Perfect game, indeed.

by mathowie

"Fall is really beautiful, you know. I guess I never noticed."

Football Practice (1968)Football Practice (1968) by Hunter-Desportes (cc by)

How one man made the decision to end his football career before it got ended by injury.

By my junior year I became a starter because the guy ahead of me popped a hernia. By that time I was the final OL from my peers in freshman football camp. All the other O linemen I had practiced and bonded with had to quit the team due to injury, one by one. Blown knees, wrecked lower backs, loose shoulders, and one concussion so spectacular that I remember the sound to this day.

During the second game of the year one of the juco transfer OL went down with a knee injury. I heard him yelp as he went down. As I watched him get carried off the field, I had an epiphany which was: "What the HELL am I doing?" I was like the poor soul in the war movie who turns around to realize a sniper has taken everyone else out.

No, a better analogy would be "the cop who won't stop talking about being a week from retirement". Having this realization on the 45 yd line in the middle of the 3rd quarter is not really ideal. I spent the rest of the time with my mind racing during every single play - is that the sound of me about to be blindsided? Is that the pocket collapsing towards my knee?

by jessamyn

Great moments in Sports

When this video was posted to MetaFilter of school children in Kenya recreating the end of the 1986 World Series, what were the chances a member of MetaFilter is not only in Kenya currently, but also personally met and knew Bill Buckner, the subject of that famous 1986 game?

Surprisingly, the chances were pretty good.

by mathowie

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