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Trailing along with AskMe

Camping gear inside a tent in FloridaCamping gear inside a tent in Florida by State Library and Archives of Florida

AskMe's got some camping hacks (pack a spare belt buckle, toothpaste in a contact lens case, and respect the all-important footcare)... But how to pass time on the trail?

Hassle the kids with rhyming phrases? Okey dokey, artichokey! Or we could teach them about picking their friends and picking their nose, in French.

We could swap stories of academic detective work, or the majesty of history's most destructive animal swarms. Or just noodle over what to put in my collection of glass bottles.

"My Father Valued My Brain"

Dad and daughterDad and daughter by Peter Werkman ( (cc by)

On a question about dads wanting to learn the basics of feminism to better prepare their daughters for the world, EmpressCallipygos talks about how her dad raised her in a supportive way without deep knowledge of the field.

You don't have to have a degree in women's studies or a nuanced understanding of gender politics to raise independent-minded daughters. My father certainly didn't - he went to trade school instead of college and that kind of theoretical book-study was really not what he was into.

by mathowie

Why Star Trek is great. One MeFite's experience.

Star Trek science onesie in actionStar Trek science onesie in action by PugnoM/camustafa/Mustafa Ünlü (cc by)

My 13-year-old son and I are watching every Star Trek right now and it is a fantastic experience. In fact it has repaired our relationship.

LarryC on watching Star Trek with his son.

by jessamyn

"I've done a lot of thinking about the VS PINK line and the impact it has on girls across America"

Hand with shadows, father & daughterHand with shadows, father & daughter by Ctd 2005 (cc by)

A parent and child have a long talk about Victoria's Secret, thongs, peer pressure, and sexuality.

by mathowie

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