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Only through love

167th St. Station. James Baldwin Mural. New York, NY.167th St. Station. James Baldwin Mural. New York, NY. by KTDrasky (cc by)

to bear witness, as long as breath is in him: "Why I Stopped Hating Shakespeare," by James Baldwin

by taz

Wherefore Aren't Thou, Balcony?

romeo and julietromeo and juliet by sammydavisdog (cc by)

Nice discussion in eotvos's post on the (un?)balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet, with an especially interesting comment from ricochet biscuit on one Thomas Coryate, "probably the most influential person on your daily life that you have never heard of but who is still known by name" — and a man who would almost certainly understand the dread perils of modern day Twitter (et al).

by taz

Dear son of Memory

Fruits of Firstpost September

Hamilton hand-netting for macro-plankton from Aurora / by Frank HurleyHamilton hand-netting for macro-plankton from Aurora / by Frank Hurley by State Library of New South Wales collection

We've wrapped up FirstPost September! A big thank you to julen for organizing and to all the posters who took part.

Great stuff to give a second look under these tags:

FirstPost (from building a medieval LEGO village, to visiting the last audio cassette factory, to this farewell from the bad boy of Canadian dance)

FirstTimeLongTime (did you see the fake Shakespeare play? You can visit Horace Rumpole to see it in person!)

SecondPost (such as Strunk and White, Grammar Police), and even ThirdPost (how about a bot that makes villanelles from tweets).

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

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