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rtha in hospice
Heya, y'all, some heavy health news about long-time user rtha. Come say hi to her and gingerbeer, share cat pics, etc.

by cortex

#146: Go vote!
New podcast episode!

by cortex

145: I Don't Know A Cellphone!
It's episode 145 of the MetaFilter podcast, with cortex and jessamyn chatting about all sorts of nonsense as is their nonsensical wont.

by cortex

#144: A Cold Goose
It’s episode 144 of the MetaFilter monthly podcast! cortex and jessamyn talk about Westfalia camper vans but manage never to make a joke about lengthy treaties. Also, lots of MeFi stuff.

by cortex

#143: Sisters, Am I Right?
It's episode 143 of the MetaFilter monthly podcast, and cortex and jessamyn are chatterin' about all KIIIIINDS of stuff.

by cortex

Happy 19th Birthday to Mefi!

Birthday pieBirthday pie by Droid Gingerbread (cc by)

Happy 19th birthday Metafilter!

Updating the MeFi Projects guidelines
Hey, folks! We've updated the posting guidelines for MetaFilter Projects, the part of the site where members can share their own creative work. Come take a look at what's up!

by cortex

142: The World Didn't End
It's episode 142 of the MetaFilter monthly podcast! Jessamyn and cortex talk about MeFi news, rad MeFi stuff, weird job application stuff, and a whole lot more.

by cortex

New free-form text flagging option!
After a successful test run, we've rolled out a new free-form text flagging option site-wide! Check MetaTalk for details.

by cortex

Site finances update: holy heck, community funding!
Two weeks after announcing a big revenue shortfall, y'all are now contributing nearly $10,000 more per month to support the site, which is amazing and puts us on firmer ground for the future. Read up on what's next!

by cortex

State of Metafilter: financial update and funding
Here's an important site update; we are facing a serious revenue shortfall and making plans for how to remedy that short term and stabilize MeFi's income and community-support process in the long term. Details in that link; here's our fundraising page.

by cortex

#141: Is Cereal A Sandwich
Hey, it's episode 141 of the MetaFilter podcast, where cortex and jessamyn chatter about stuff and things!

by cortex

#140: We Usually Come Up With A Title
It's the latest episode of the MetaFilter Podcast, with cortex and jessamyn catching up on all sorts of things in and around the Mefiverse.

by cortex

Research on online community moderation!
A couple of human-computer interaction researchers (and MeFites!) are working on a project looking at moderation dynamics in online communities; if you want to share your thoughts/experiences on MeFi, come on over to MetaTalk!

by cortex

#138: Don't Leave Me Hanging
Short month, regular length podcast! Come give a listen while Jessamyn and cortex talk MeFi etc.

by cortex

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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