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"if it was merely snow, we'd all be mostly fine...."

#Snowpocalypse Atlanta 2014 - traffic#Snowpocalypse Atlanta 2014 - traffic by William Brawley (cc by)

How a few inches of snow turned into an eight hour traffic jam.

by jessamyn

Shuttle recovery memories

Space Shuttle Columbia MemorialSpace Shuttle Columbia Memorial by cliff1066™ (cc by)

MeFi member arnicae shares what it was like during the aftermath of the Space Shuttle Columbia's crash 11 years ago in east Texas.

The response of the communities of deep east Texas, an area of the country with some very problematic and sad history is nothing short of phenomenal. Though the weather was cold and rainy throughout the days and weeks that followed the crash, searchers, many of them volunteers from throughout the South (and around the country) stayed out for twelve hour shifts.

by mathowie

Beavis and Butthead Do Congress

Announcing: MeFi Labs

IO Graph ArtIO Graph Art by nathanmac87 (cc by)

With the end of 2013 behind us, we've just launched a mini-site called MeFi Labs featuring a year-end summary of statistics, top mentions of Amazon items from 2013, recent Amazon mentions, and recent YouTube mentions in posts and comments. We're also discussing it on MetaTalk.

by mathowie

MetaFilter's Choice contest week 3 results

This is the third week of results for our Mefites Choice contest.

Guess The Album GameGuess The Album Game by shrff (cc by)

1. mannequito made an epic post that serves as a history lesson and homage to the silent/hidden track on albums.

james tiptree award anthology 2james tiptree award anthology 2 by cdrummbks (cc by)

2. filthy light thief furnishes us with a post covering the history of new wave Sci-Fi writer James Tiptree Jr., and the revelation that eventually came to light about the author.

Get Smart.Get Smart. by Baylee_Farris (cc by)

3. zarq drops a megapost about the comedy spy show Get Smart, featuring every episode on YouTube along with the movies and spin-offs that followed.

by mathowie

Christmas Cookie Cutters

Emptily NestedEmptily Nested by CarbonNYC (cc by)

In a thread about a famous Christmas cookie cookbook, MetaFilter member Elsa shares an amazing personal story about cookie cutters, stern family members, and giving thanks.

by mathowie

MetaFilter's choice contest week 1 results

Most every December, MetaFilter throws a best post contest and this year is no different: The MeFites Choice Awards.

Week one has passed and the winners have been announced. Here are the top three posts to MetaFilter according to voting members of the site.

Where My Ladies At? is a post about sexism among scientists that includes this brilliant video response as well as a huge list of female STEM online educators. It was posted by Blasdelb.

A Star Trek video of Picard's crew singing "let it snow" by Gelatin came in second.

And last but not least, the man of twists and turns made a comprehensive post on the state of conspiracy theory culture in America, looking back over 50 years.

We'll continue to post weekly recaps of the winners throughout this month.

by mathowie

"It's a pretty cool mission."

starsstars by davedehetre (cc by)

The key thing that Gaia will do is astrometry, where they measure the positions of a billion (many millions) of stars. And that stupidly simple-sounding thing turns out to be pretty profound...

RedOrGreen talks about why measuring star positions is so complex.

by jessamyn

The Crack of a Twig
The author of I Met A Convicted Serial Killer, And He Made Me Feel More Loved Than Anyone Else In My Life has showed up and is answering questions in the associated MeFi thread.

by jessamyn

scurvy makes me all nostalgic and a bit warm and fuzzy inside

Needle leaves at a tree (Tsuga mertensiana) top

The whole thing made me look at adults in a different way. I learned they didn't all know everything and some might even be sorta dumb. I also learned that you couldn't always trust what they said or their judgement. My promise to not get plants lasted a whole two days. I became defiant and started to suck on hemlock needles just to spite them. These things could cure things like scurvy goddammit and they're making it out to be all scary and bad was part of my 11 year old justification for disobeying.

Jalliah talks about how she learned that adults don't always know everything.

by jessamyn

The Toyota Way

Final Assembly of Aero SupersportsFinal Assembly of Aero Supersports by joncallas (cc by)

On the occasion of the Toyota company founder's death, MeFi member ceribus peribus reminisces about his father's time working for Toyota and how it was different than American car manufacturers:

My Dad worked in a very senior position at TMMC for over 16 years before his retirement, so I became familiar with The Toyota Way, the Toyota Production System (yes, TPS reports), kaizen, and kanban through discussions with him and from glancing through the written materials he brought home.

by mathowie


photo of finished orrery

MeFite Zeamon: "Hi Everyone. I just wanted to check in and thank you all for the encouraging comments regarding my Orrery."

by jessamyn

The truth about cow tipping

Cows cows cowsCows cows cows by aWorldTourer (cc by)

Peemster--the author of a piece linked on MeFi--shares with us additional information from his source farmer Nate Wilson.

I would open by telling you quite frankly to be highly suspect of anyone that tells you they have accomplished a successful "cow-tipping" as they will almost certainly lie to you about more important things, as well. I am most comfortable stating unequivocally that "cow-tipping" is naught but a classic urban legend, promoted largely by juvenile minded, immature, inebriated young adult males attempting to embellish resumes otherwise lacking in noteworthy personal accomplishment. Kindly allow me to make my case...

by jessamyn

Color commentary on ColorizedHistory

"Wow, I love a lot of these. But as I was going through the reddit thread, I came across this picture. It isn't the most stunning example of colorization, but it was striking to me nonetheless. The person in the photo is my great uncle, Raymond Bowman..."

milkcrateman recognizes a relative.

by jessamyn

"the weird American who has the manners of a hick from Hokkaido."

hotaru ika in bento box

But now I have to eat the damn things. I've eaten squid in about every form known to man, but this one is new to me. And I sure as hell am not going to embarrass myself in front of all the locals. Of course I know how to eat this, don't I? But do I just wolf it down? They're only about 3 or 4 inches long. And what's all this other stuff on the plate? I know it's not just for decoration.

charlie don't surf shares a story of how he learned to eat hotaru ika.

by jessamyn

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