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185: A very wearing my bathrobe all day day
It's episode 185 of the MetaFilter podcast, with cortex and jessamyn!

by cortex

This post sucks!


patternpattern by fazen (cc by)

I hear voices all the time. In my case those voices are both outside of me, myself, and I hear them in space and as auditory voices - but they are not generally foreign either - we are a collective ... warriorqueen with a thoughtful personal perspective on the Hearing Voices Movement, and the dangers of "the search for something that will make everyone in the same"

by taz

A Fish Needs A Bicycle

video screen grab from Guinness' Fish on a Bicycle ad

Amble, stroll or saunter over to tiny frying pan's post The Inky Depths #5: Fish That Walk! and learn how some fish stride this earth like a colossus (or maybe slightly less colossus-y, but still darn flipping impressive), and sometimes even flaunt the perfect red lip while they're at it.

by taz

Only through love

167th St. Station. James Baldwin Mural. New York, NY.167th St. Station. James Baldwin Mural. New York, NY. by KTDrasky (cc by)

to bear witness, as long as breath is in him: "Why I Stopped Hating Shakespeare," by James Baldwin

by taz

His Hair is Perfect

Lil' WerewolfLil' Werewolf by Shaefer

In Ask Metafilter, As a werewolf, how do I better entertain young human children?

by taz

Unsolved: The Carrot Problem

HSBC advertHSBC advert by Arenamontanus (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, what's more fun than a mystery list?

by taz

It's nether here nor there

two naked mannequins - bottom halves onlyPhoto by ide alien on Unsplash

Something for the pantsless

and the pantsed

by taz

It's a MetaFilter User Survey! "The MetaFilter Transition Team (TT) is excited and pleased to announce a MetaFilter User Survey (May, 2022). This is the first major step the TT is taking to help MetaFilter be more sustainable and community-driven."


Losing the Long Game

Cold Dawn, Warm WorldCold Dawn, Warm World by marktmcn (cc by)

For millennia, people of all different cultures have done things with unintended consequences that changed and sometimes ruined their environment, from over-hunting megafauna in the Americas to salination of ancient Sumerian irrigated fields to deforestation which led to disasters in 19th century northern China ... jb on the the climate crisis, with an historical view of human perception and the externalities leading to disastrous outcomes

by taz

Toy Boat Toy Boat Toy Boat

IMG_1159IMG_1159 by schrierc (cc by)

Harboring concerns about buying a boat? Loquacious takes a stern (and port!) view of all the ups and downs.

by taz

This is the hook

DivergeDiverge by Marco N├╝rnberger (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, What songs reference their music in the lyrics? "Can you give me examples of songs where the lyrics reference what is happening in the music?"

by taz

Gnawing Questions

Potato on a White BackgroundPotato on a White Background by wuestenigel (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, Can this potato salad be improved?

by taz


screen shot of Newton pendulum from the video

What if choreography, but it's a Newton pendulum? Newton's cradle, Gangnam style is pretty much perfect.

by taz

A Place for Everything

clutter montage 001clutter montage 001 by roberthuffstutter (cc by)

Welcome to cluttercore. People have opinions! In fact, every nook and cranny of this thread on TikTok's newest design trend is filled with different, fun, colorful opinions!

And in other news on filling things to the brim, Remittance by the Barrel is an interesting read about Caribbean communities carefully, lovingly curating barrels of items to ship to relatives outside of the U.S. Nice!

by taz

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