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looking for fresh ideas

fresh corn saladfresh corn salad by wuestenigel (cc by)

Summer salads and vegetarian pasta sauces wanted, please.

by taz

"Unpacking the Nap Dress"

photo of three nap dresses from Hill House

orange swan: I'm a hard sell on the simpler, pastoral/country life "you can wear this to frolic in meadows" fantasy that is used to market it. Pro-tip: if you should go frolicking in a pasture in such a dress, be sure to watch out for the groundhog holes. And the thistles. And the cowpies. Mefites discuss the Nap Dress.

by taz


Sable game logo atop a futuristic desert scene

domdib posts about "Sable," a beautiful sci-fi game featuring Moebius-inspired graphics and soundtrack by Japanese Breakfast (due in September), with current demo game available for PC and XBox.

by taz

gaming without the grinding

PortalPortal by AaronPriestPhoto

In Ask Metafilter, unus sum says, "I'm looking for a longish video games to sink my teeth into. I find it nice to have a video game where I can solve interesting problems that don't actually matter as a way to relax..."

by taz

Cozy bedtime reading about MLMs and bankruptcies?

carpe diem! ... first thing tomorrow

by spinster cardigan (cc by)

I shit you not, I started reading this and thought "Eh, I'll finish it later."hwyengr. Storybored posted Why You Procrastinate.

by taz

Banana for Scale?

Warhol BananaWarhol Banana by Incase. (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, paul_smatatoes asks "Can you make an X-ray image with bananas?," and tiamat has the answer. Thanks a bunch, tiamat!

by taz

The TVA Archive in our timeline

screenshot of the TVA archive

So, let's talk about the TVA Archive for a bit. If you think it looks familiar, you may have seen it before ... In FanFare, radwolf76 has some great trivia and background about the actual physical setting of the TVA (Time Variance Authority) archive in the Disney+ Loki series.

by taz

Clean Smart

Finally, it's settling down... :-)Finally, it's settling down... :-) by Eirik Newth (cc by)

From wintersweet, in Ask Metafilter, What are your best tips / gadgets / purchases for preventing things in your household from needing to be cleaned / maintained as much or as often? I don't mean how to make the cleaning easier or faster, but how to reduce the amount of cleaning that has to be done in the first place.

by taz

100 x 3-second 3D Renders

person in heavy golden diving suit with apparatus strapped on back walks underwater toward a large glowing sphere habitatscreenshot from "Top 100 3D Renders from the Internet's Largest CG Challenge, Alternate Realities"

Animated fabulosity from jontyjago: "Based on the same 3 second model, 2400 CGI artists submitted their own interpretation. These are the 100 best."

by taz

Vintage photos of Juneteenth

ISO Weird Mysteries

postcard from the day you left, collage, 2020postcard from the day you left, collage, 2020 by yumikrum (cc by-nc-nd)

In Ask Metafilter, azalea_chant is looking for "mysteries that deviate from the standard structure/genre tropes etc. Can be fantasy or science fiction, literary, whatever ... just stuff that’s slightly different"

by taz

"is there anything more sweet?"

movie still of Frodo and Samwise with walking sticks companionably walking together through a pleasant field on a sunny day

The errand hang dances in the sweet vulnerability that comes from the everyday: ellieBOA posts Annika Hansteen-Izora on the errand hang date — "where you hit your homie up to accompany you while you tend to the tasks that come with adulting - the grocery run, getting a pair of pants tailored, helping you pick a new bedframe, etc."

by taz

Was It Worth it?

Interesting value for moneyInteresting value for money by James Cridland (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter wenestvedt wants to know, What have you paid a lifetime/one-time fee for that was worth it?

by taz

In Metatalk, The corpse in the library invites us to play Summer book bingo


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