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"A Little Bird Either Learns Its Name Or Dies"

A small pale brown bird with a gaping orange beak, on twig-like foliageBy Fir0002; edited by jjron (cropped) - Own work by author, GFDL 1.2,

Musical passwords given by miniature birds: great post by nickyskye about the Superb Fairy-Wren (and a fun thread!). In other birbtalk news, learn 12 different chicken calls, including the before and after Egg Songs, from spamandkimchi.

by taz

"Seeking a Paradigm Shift"

EnlightenmentEnlightenment by marceloquinan (cc by)

beccyjoe wants to know "What is an article or essay that you have read that caused a dramatic change in your thinking / perspective / life? ... I would love to hear what you've read that has blown your mind"

by taz

Alfresco faves

FoodFood by Marc Di Luzio (cc by)

cozenedindigo wants to know "What's your favorite BBQ side?"

by taz

Alonna? Moana? Ohana? Hosanna?

Dawn Chorus LinesDawn Chorus Lines by Gunn Shots ! (cc by)

Trespassers William is looking for a song with a certain chorus. Does it ring a bell? (and don't miss this handy suggestion for Google's "hum to search," from an earlier "what's this song" post)

by taz

Rosemary's Baby's Day Out

In Metatalk, DirtyOldTown reminds us of a classic mashup thread.

by taz

Hygge-Fix and Chill?

Couple with socks and woolen stockings watching movie on tv

Mefites are talking about their perfect comfort films

by taz


screen capture of Lebo M performing at the Vienna Concert HallYoutube: The Lion King - Hans Zimmer - Lebo M in the Vienna Concert Hall

Don't miss Rhaomi's really wonderful breakdown of The Lion King's original score, including translations of "the subtle Zulu/Xhosa vocals woven into the score that actually comments on the film, like a Greek chorus," and more, in metabaroque's Lion King Finale post.

by taz

Eurovision on FanFare
Watching Eurovision and want to chat about it? Here's a thread on FanFare!

by cortex

Gaza and discussion threads
A note from the moderation team on the situation in Gaza and MetaFilter discussions

by cortex

Turn on some music, read a nice letter, have a time travel cocktail

TruToneTruTone by Steve Walser (cc by-nc-nd)

The MetaFilterMusic Podcast is BACK, BABY, thanks to greenish, who has also put up a new MeFi Music Challenge, The Collaboration Station. Meanwhile back in Metatalk, want a letter in your rl mailbox? Cos you can totally get a letter. Check out chiefthe's Modern Pen Pal Project, before Kristi's Metatalktail topic sends you back, back in time, to the small moments.

by taz

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