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Intermediate staples?

Bartje Boemboe // Frank FestivalBartje Boemboe // Frank Festival by Merlijn Hoek (cc by-nc-nd)

Phunniemee asks, "What's the next level after basic? What should I keep in my fridge and pantry to enable me to cook slightly more interesting than basic food?" The primroses were over kicks off the answers with a great tip on lemons 🍋 and furnace.heart brings the link love for various pantry staples by cuisine.🌶

Meanwhile, over in Fanfare, people are talking about the novel In an Absent Dream 📖, and the film The Old Guard 🎬 among other things.

by taz

Music swap deadline!
Last chance to participate in the Music Swap; deadline for submission is Saturday, so if you feel like swapping playlists, get to it!

by cortex

"Socialism’s DIY Computer"

Balancing Act

Piedras de primavera, spring stones.Piedras de primavera, spring stones. by Vvillamon (cc by-sa)

Life hacks for the psyche and emotional wellbeing? What's a good habit that you introduced in your life and has since made all the difference?

by taz

[fan/fawn pun goes here]

Magic Kingdom - Dancin' DeerMagic Kingdom - Dancin' Deer by Jeff Krause Photography (cc by-nc-nd)

Harpist playing outdoors receives an unexpected visit

by taz

"Fire and Quarrels"

image of Fireman's coat decorated with a depiction of the Toad SpiritFireman's coat decorated with a depiction of the Toad Spirit

Japanese Firemen’s Coats (19th century)

by taz

Sunday is a good day for railway history!

Waiting to come homeWaiting to come home by mripp (cc by)

Dame posted Retours, "a digital magazine on the intersection of railway history, design and photography."

by taz

Significantly Other

clayclay by Dean Hochman (cc by)

Signal asks, Please recommend SF books that are significantly Other.

by taz

She cooks with her eyes

127 - With kheer to follow127 - With kheer to follow by Crispin Cresswell (cc by-nc-nd)

When it comes to comfort food, what I crave isn’t sweets, or melted cheese, or creamy pasta, or brothy soups. Like many Kashmiris, I long for rogan josh, our traditional lamb dish, spicy and rich, whose recipe my mum holds hostage in Michigan. ChuraChura posts Priyanka Mattoo's How to Extract a Mother’s Rogan Josh Recipe Over Zoom.

by taz

Ghostwriters Needed!

Haunted Cozy HomeHaunted Cozy Home by Stitcher Scribbler (cc by-nc-nd)

Help me come up with new verses for "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Ghost"

by taz

Shell Shock

YarrrYarrr by Eric Kilby (cc by-sa)

Would lions eat clams?

by taz

Windows Vista?

Origins and Interactions

ACA_4653ACA_4653 by Alessandro Caproni (cc by)

Very interesting post from dhruva on DNA analysis showing that Polynesians and Native Americans met 800 years ago, including a great comment in the thread from atrazine, who explains in detail some of the reactions to the article: The disagreement with some archaeologists seems to be not the genetic analysis but the hypothesis around where the mixing occurred ...

by taz

Face masks by Mefites

If you're looking for coronavirus face-masks made by Mefites, or if you're a seller, here's a Metatalk collecting shop links for covid supplies!

Music swap!
Interested in participating in a music swap? Because there's a music swap!

by cortex

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