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Farewell, Phyllis Newman

photo of Phyllis Newman 1966Phyllis Newman, 1966, via Wikimedia

... they needed someone with archival experience and a passion for musical theatre to organize half a century of notes, photos, cards, and memorabilia, stuffed into every crack of the two floors

ilana made a fantastic first post for the passing of Tony Award-winning actress Phyllis Newman, and recalls her own remarkable experience working as an archivist for Newman in 2009 and 2010.

by taz

The Very Model of a Modern Major Baker

I'm putting money on Major Clanger to reach the finals roger ackroyd

In FanFare, Major Clanger has been making recipes from this season of GBBO, check it out: Cake Week; Biscuit Week; Bread Week; Dairy Week.

by taz

"I can't wait to be a shitty goose"

game screenshot image

i did not anticipate spending so much time stealing underwear in a video game: Mefites are playing the untitled Goose Game!

by taz

It's Wicket Good

Krocketbällen hintereinander aufgestelltKrocketbällen hintereinander aufgestellt by marcoverch (cc by)

Carillon posted the excellent article "How Two Kentucky Farmers Became Kings Of Croquet, The Sport That Never Wanted Them," which — bonus stroke! — turns out to have been written by Mefi's own gottabefunky! It's a good read.

by taz

Decision Trees

treetree by Jon Bunting (cc by)

Some of the leading utilities with the highest risk of lines being encroached from vegetation simply can't physically maintain all the vegetation in proximity to their assets, even if they were to full-time employ every tree contractor in North America ...

In ambrosen's post about trimming trees from a helicopter, allkindsoftime has a fascinating comment on the amazing use of advanced tech like AI and LiDAR by utility companies to triage and manage the most at-risk lines and areas for vegetation control.

by taz

2019 Climate Strike

MeFites around the world share what they are doing for the climate strike.

Detection Perception

070-Neurophysiology070-Neurophysiology by nimrlondon (cc by)

Examples of senses used in the pursuit of expertise? infinite intimation asks what is something specific that you discover, detect, discern, diagnose or deduce through a sense?

by taz

A Peck of Packing Picks

Farewell to good old times 2Farewell to good old times 2 by elitatt (cc by)

Looking for outstanding travel clothes, shoes, accessories: in Ask Metafilter christa asks, What specific items have you found to be particularly useful when traveling?

by taz

Dam Spot

Figure of the PastFigure of the Past by george.bremer (cc by-nc-nd)

egeanin on Ask Metafilter: I'm looking for first-person accounts (or long-reads) about the experience of being forced to abandon a town in a valley that's scheduled to be flooded as part of a dam/hydroelectric plant project.

by taz

"N" = Awesome

gone fishinggone fishing by ursonate (cc by)

n hrs/wk = frugal livelihood; solve for lowest possible n

Zeri asks, "Say you're choosing a career and your *only* criterion is that you want to work the fewest possible hours that will allow you to pay the bills. What options would you consider?"

by taz

Dear son of Memory

"Clothing is ontologically fascinating"

SpetsSpets by Mikael Moiner (cc by)

Some great deep-dive comments from loquacious in bitteschoen's comprehensive post on the impossibility of automating the garment industry.

by taz

"I'm a big fan!"

fanfan by cat's_101 (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter: My four year old has decided he MUST be an oscillating fan for Halloween. We are not crafty people. Please walk me through how to build this ...

by taz

It's a Johnny Wallflower post!

Smiling face painted with ketchup on a white plateSmiling face painted with ketchup on a white plate by wuestenigel (cc by)

My food crime, which I will defend until death, is liverwurst and fig preserves on crackers. Mizu

Come for the Mefites-admit-their-food-crimes spectacle, stay for the hey, that actually sounds ... not bad? plus bonus inside scoop on making better peanut sauce from cendawanita, and the Tiger Tail ice cream!

by taz

"I will *not* start World War Three for you."

DangerDanger by Whistling in the Dark (cc by-sa)

This is how Michael Jackson (not that one) and James Blunt (that one) helped prevent a war.

Metafilter's own garius comments with interesting details in the thread about his article Pristina: An Airport Too Far, revealing a 1999 incident in Kosovo that almost brought NATO into open conflict with Russia.

by taz

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