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Metatalk for members with neurodivergence and/or mental illness to discuss site experiences and accommodations

There's a Metatalk discussing how members with neurodivergence or mental illness experience the site; come on in and share your experiences.

More Peeps like Pepys?

Books About Town, Book Benches, Samuel Pepy's DiaryBooks About Town, Book Benches, Samuel Pepy's Diary by Martin Pettitt (cc by)

I was just curious if anyone else is recognized as having had a similar place, in terms of chronicling a particular place in history and daily life as it happened to them?

Alensin asks, I've begun reading the Diary of Samuel Pepys, and was curious if similar sources exist for other historical periods?

by taz

1:1 With Your Manager

Smoke and Mirrors

₪ l'Art de la Fugue ₪ . . /1/ Strepituso molto Vivace e con Sado Mazzo Spiccato Forte . . /2/ Pomposo Ricercata Pastice ma non Seriosso Ostinato Sforzando . . /3/ Adagietto Sereno Tenunto un poco Perdendo ma non troppo Flessibile₪ l'Art de la Fugue ₪ . . /1/ Strepituso molto Vivace e con Sado Mazzo Spiccato Forte . . /2/ Pomposo Ricercata Pastice ma non Seriosso Ostinato Sforzando . . /3/ Adagietto Sereno Tenunto un poco Perdendo ma non troppo Flessibile by "φragments insoumis" (cc by-nc-nd)

Things people do to make them seem uberhuman & thus uniquely capable? In Ask Metafilter, mrmanvir is looking for examples of "well-known professionals performing strangeness, otherness, or superhumanness to promote perceptions of their unique abilities."

by taz

"how have I made it this long without knowing about this instrument?"

Salliou on YouTubeSalliou on YouTube

spamandkimchi draws our grateful attention to Senegalese musician Salliou playing the cas cas (also known as the aslatua, aslato, kashaka, cascas, televi, kasso-kassoni...)

by taz

"The reader, reading it, makes it live"

book 23book 23 by kruzul (cc by-sa)

Lots of great reading recommendations by members in the 50 Must-Read Fantasy Books by Women thread

by taz

Decommissioning the US politics megathreads
We're ceasing the US politics megathread practice, moving back toward single-topic posts as a focus for that topic. Details in MetaTalk.

by cortex

An open thread for Mefites of color

Following on the suggestion from last month's discussions, an open Metatalk thread for Mefites of color.

Non-threatening Veg

IMG_1553IMG_1553 by Richy! (cc by-nc)

I’m looking for the most delicious, “see, [vegetable] isn’t scary!” recipes: bananacabana asks for gateway vegetable recipes in Ask Metafilter.

by taz

"Write like you need it to survive"

Writer's Block IWriter's Block I by Drew Coffman (cc by)

If you haven't checked it out yet, Cozybee has collected 50+ bookmarks for writers and aspiring writers, including worksheets, where to submit, advice for outlining, plotting, breaking through writer's block, worldbuilding, character development, and much more!

by taz

El pregunta es ...

¿¿ by Brandon Giesbrecht (cc by)

In Ask Metafilter, true wants to know what mis-gendered nouns sound like to bilingual people.

by taz

Thumbs up on this popular Ube Tuber

Hopia Ube [Purple Yam Bakpia]  (Filipino/Chinese bean/yam-filled pastry)Hopia Ube [Purple Yam Bakpia] (Filipino/Chinese bean/yam-filled pastry) by debbietingzon (cc by)

brilliantine posts about the brilliant Purple Filipino Yam

by taz

it's what's inside that counts

packing...packing... by hans s (cc by-nd)

I find myself fascinated with packing lists. I scour the Peace Corps country-specific packing lists, despite not joining the Peace Corps. I found myself fascinated with the lists of items taking on the Oregon Trail (taken, abandoned, packed, included in the game, included in the Frontier Trails Museum ...

In Ask Metafilter, Ms Vegetable asks for directions to Weirdly Specific Packing and Possession Lists

by taz

"In the dusty cabinet something lurks"

Chem lab IIIChem lab III by Jano De Cesare (cc by-nc-nd)

metaquarry posts Derek Lowe's column on abandoned "easter eggs" found in labs, that asks "what’s the strangest (or most terrifying) thing you’ve come across in cleaning out an unused chemical space?"

by taz

Happy 20th Anniversary, MetaFilter
MetaFilter is twenty years old today! It's sort of weird and wonderful and unbelievable. Here's a MetaTalk post to talk about what this place means, and share memories, and celebrate.

by cortex

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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