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If you could be ... ?
A tradition many MeFites may not be aware of. clavdivs' annual costume MeTa poll. This year (musical), 2012 (office dress-up), 2011 (tv character), 2010 (character actor), 2007 (spy), 2006 (despot), 2004 (historical figure), 2003 (monster), 2002 (anybody), 2001 (criminal)

by jessamyn

"It's a pretty cool mission."

starsstars by davedehetre (cc by)

The key thing that Gaia will do is astrometry, where they measure the positions of a billion (many millions) of stars. And that stupidly simple-sounding thing turns out to be pretty profound...

RedOrGreen talks about why measuring star positions is so complex.

by jessamyn

The Crack of a Twig
The author of I Met A Convicted Serial Killer, And He Made Me Feel More Loved Than Anyone Else In My Life has showed up and is answering questions in the associated MeFi thread.

by jessamyn

"Everything else is unanimously regarded as total bullshit."

hair removal photos by Jesse Hull on Flickr

Hi! I'm a trans woman! I've spent way too much time this year researching hair removal methods — in my case for the beard and not the scalp, but most of the details are the same either way. The online trans community, not surprisingly, cares a lot about this shit, and the advice I've found there is very consistent and mostly doesn't set off my bullshit filter.

Sensible run-down of hair removal advice from Now there are two. There are two _______.

by jessamyn

Why are hotel towels so great and my towels so lousy?

Hot orange towelHot orange towel by Dave Goodman (cc by)

An eye-opening thread about how to get the most out of your towels at home.

by jessamyn

I was talking to the duck!

Lists Are Fun!Lists Are Fun! by Malcolm Tredinnick (cc by)

An amazing internet sleuthing took place in Ask MetaFilter a few months ago when dmd asked us to help me come up with the jokes associated with a list of punchlines he found in his recently deceased father's notebooks. Ask MeFi stepped up and answered them all, and this story was recently featured on the new TLDR podcast from NPR's On The Media:

by mathowie

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