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scurvy makes me all nostalgic and a bit warm and fuzzy inside

Needle leaves at a tree (Tsuga mertensiana) top

The whole thing made me look at adults in a different way. I learned they didn't all know everything and some might even be sorta dumb. I also learned that you couldn't always trust what they said or their judgement. My promise to not get plants lasted a whole two days. I became defiant and started to suck on hemlock needles just to spite them. These things could cure things like scurvy goddammit and they're making it out to be all scary and bad was part of my 11 year old justification for disobeying.

Jalliah talks about how she learned that adults don't always know everything.

by jessamyn

What is on the bottom of Jeff Daniels' Emmy award?

Emmy graphicEmmy graphic by Alan Light (cc by)

Who knew there were so many MeFites who could get their hands on an Emmy in any given day? (question is still unanswered. Do you know?)

by jessamyn

The Toyota Way

Final Assembly of Aero SupersportsFinal Assembly of Aero Supersports by joncallas (cc by)

On the occasion of the Toyota company founder's death, MeFi member ceribus peribus reminisces about his father's time working for Toyota and how it was different than American car manufacturers:

My Dad worked in a very senior position at TMMC for over 16 years before his retirement, so I became familiar with The Toyota Way, the Toyota Production System (yes, TPS reports), kaizen, and kanban through discussions with him and from glancing through the written materials he brought home.

by mathowie

MeFiMu: The Great Song Request Raffle
"I am excited to announce that the new Music Challenge will shortly be launched: the Great Song Request Raffle, as suggested by Jessamyn and fine-tuned (lulz) as a concept by some of us MeFiMufites. When the challenge launches we'll start getting requests in, so roll up, roll up - if you think you can take on the challenge of fulfilling someone's wish, please comment here...."

by jessamyn


photo of finished orrery

MeFite Zeamon: "Hi Everyone. I just wanted to check in and thank you all for the encouraging comments regarding my Orrery."

by jessamyn

The truth about cow tipping

Cows cows cowsCows cows cows by aWorldTourer (cc by)

Peemster--the author of a piece linked on MeFi--shares with us additional information from his source farmer Nate Wilson.

I would open by telling you quite frankly to be highly suspect of anyone that tells you they have accomplished a successful "cow-tipping" as they will almost certainly lie to you about more important things, as well. I am most comfortable stating unequivocally that "cow-tipping" is naught but a classic urban legend, promoted largely by juvenile minded, immature, inebriated young adult males attempting to embellish resumes otherwise lacking in noteworthy personal accomplishment. Kindly allow me to make my case...

by jessamyn

Why chemical weapons deserve their Big No-No place

CMA reaches 45% destruction milestoneCMA reaches 45% destruction milestone by U.S. Army Materiel Command (cc by)

Punkey explains why chemical weapons actually are worse than nuclear or biological weapons.

[T]he big reason for it being on the No-No List is that chemical weapons are essentially useless against a real military force, and are only really good at killing and terrorizing civilians. Unlike white phosphorus, chemical weapons do absolutely no damage to structures or materiel, they only kill people. Even the most lethal nerve agents are stopped by standard-issue chemical protection ...which is great if you have those things, and most modern militaries do.... Chemical weapons are spectacularly effective against people that aren't prepared and can't easily leave the target area - which pretty much only describes civilians.

by jessamyn

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