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Tim Gunn (or his ghostwriter) reads Ask MetaFilter

Tim GunnTim Gunn by Kanaka Menehune (cc by-nc)

Tim Gunn is a really nice, friendly guy and he smells incredible. Thanks Metafilter for making the recommendation, as now when I wear that suit, not only do I get compliments, I get to say it's Tim Gunn approved.

by jessamyn

audtitions? We dont need no stinking auditions!
Would you like to help with a MetaFilter It Gets Better video?

by jessamyn

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Obey GiantObey Giant by Stewart Dawson (cc by)

When a member recounts meeting Andre the Giant, while on a first date, at the premiere of The Princess Bride, there are at least three reasons the story is going to be great:

"I'm Admiral Haddock, Mr. The Giant, and I am on my first date with Jenny. I am a big fan and I think you're great."

by mathowie

bring a pillow because this shit is seriously boring to most folks.

Green ITGreen IT by OiMax (cc by)

As an incredibly opinionated geek who has worked in the datacenter industry, let me rant about the delightful details between datacenter types.

MeFite Skrubly talks about datacenters and what people do and don't know about them.

and eriko talks about why the problem is so hard.

by jessamyn

hope this leads you to greater appreciate of the next magic trick you see (particularly if it's mine)

Penn and TellerPenn and Teller by Alan Light, thank you Alan! (cc by)

By doing this show as a regular part of their act, Penn and Teller hit legendary status after decades of being at the top of the field by literally "doing the trick that Houdini could not".

lupus_yonderboy talks about magic and copyrights and what he knows about the bullet-catching trick.

by jessamyn

How do you spot an amateur?

beebee by theogeo (cc by)

"Experienced beekeepers delight in picking up handfulls of bees with their bare hands in order to freak amateurs out." and other ways you can tell an amateur from a pro.

by jessamyn

we're asking schools to solve societal problems that need much broader, more comprehensive solutions than schools can provide.

Chicago teachers demanding improvements to working conditionsChicago teachers demanding improvements to working conditions by fussy onion (cc by)

The strike will settle one way or the other, and I'm following it pretty anxiously because it will have a huge impact on what financial choices my district has going forward. But the truth is that fighting over schools is just moving the deck chairs on the Titanic of totally failed poverty policies.

explanation & specifics from Eyebrows McGee, an "an elected school board member in a downstate Illinois large urban district"

by jessamyn

Extra extra read all about it
For those of you who enjoy the podcasts but have trouble listening to them for various reasons, the last six have been totally transcribed.

by jessamyn

August 'Best Post Contest' Winners

Ishi MuralIshi Mural by swirey

We threw a little contest to keep August interesting, giving away some money and prizes to the moderators' favorite posts. There were tons of great stuff to choose from and many are mentioned in the notes for our latest podcast. Check them out and thanks to everyone that participated.

by mathowie

Teaching Dads 'n Guns

C.W. Billings (LOC)C.W. Billings (LOC) by The Library of Congress

MetaFilter member HuronBob got an amazing Christmas present one morning, his own rifle. He not only learned how to shoot it, but also learned what it meant to have a dad.

It was an Ithaca, single shot, lever action .22! All I had to do was throw on some boots and head for the fields across the street. Look out, rabbits! Get out of my way, crows! I'm after big game, fox, deer, elephant!

"First you have to learn how to shoot it safely."

by mathowie

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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