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Posts from January 2006

Pagan woman fired from driving a school bus, responds in-thread.

Why is the space shuttle the way it is?

You can now see the top ten tags someone has used on their user page.

What's going to happen if RIM loses the blackberry lawsuit?

How should I organize my personal library?

You can help MetaFilter out by taking a short survey to help match the site up with future advertisers. Thanks.

I just installed a Jabber server and everyone automatically has an account. Details on testing it out are here.

Missing any money? Find out at the Unclaimed Property Clearinghouse.

How do I interview people? Advice from a journalist.

I'm kinky he's vanilla. Can this marriage be saved?

Pretty cool when the inventor of a product being discussed shows up to answer questions.

civilrights tag on mefi

Advice from a professional screenwriter about how to get off your ass and write.

Needed: pick-up lines for human powered laundromat.

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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