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Homo naledi skeletal specimens from the Dinaledi Chamber, South AfricaHomo naledi skeletal specimens from the Dinaledi Chamber, South Africa

One of my friends from my graduate program is a "tiny caver" on this project, so I can't make my own post ... but I can comment!

ChuraChura adds some great link love to ladybird's post about the discovery of new hominin species Homo naledi, and the skilled slender spelunkers recruited to excavate the nearly inaccessible find.

by taz

My Style Is UFO, Totally Unkown

Die AntwoordDie Antwoord by FromSandToGlass (cc by)

South African MetaFilter member 00dimitri00 gives a bit of background, history, and insider perspective on the band Die Antwoord:

It's like we're all in on Waddy's Joke and it's a gas seeing the rest of the world trying to figure it out.

by mathowie

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