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Some days the rabbit hole goes pretty damn deep.

Compute! Magazine Issue 045

seanmpuckett tells the story of how he wrote a BASIC program to play a Merlin-like game which made it into Compute! magazine and was later the subject of an article in Mathematics Magazine.

by jessamyn


Computer RoomComputer Room by Sam Howzit (cc by)

Whenever I have to spend my days cranking out lines of code or copy, if I end up working in a noisy place, I'm constantly looking for mellow instrumental music that can help filter out noise without being so distracting I can't think. Lucky for me (and anyone else), member Doeful Creature posted about the site musicForProgramming(); which compiles a variety of ambient tracks into one-hour mp3 files you can play while working. They even offer a podcast feed to keep up with new episodes automatically.

For any writers or programmers working in noisy environments (offices/caf├ęs), musicForProgramming(); looks like a killer way to find new music to work by.

by mathowie


Truly, the glue that's holding civilization together, however tenuouslyTruly, the glue that's holding civilization together, however tenuously by Saucy Salad (cc by)

The Twitter universe spent the weekend in a tizzy over the use of semicolons in javascript. If you hadn't heard or none of it makes much sense, this post by Deathalicious is a good backgrounder on the issues at play.

by mathowie

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