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Cat lost at Devil's Tower

TINA!!!TINA!!! by katypearce (cc by-nc-nd)

Read along with k8t's AskMe about luring back her cat who escaped during a cross-country trip at Devils' Tower and has recently been spotted.

update: Tina has been found!

by jessamyn

That about sums it up...

Commonly used words that Metafilter uses much more than any other contemporary American (with usernames removed): nsfw, wanna, gonna, dunno, gizmodo, dont, gotta, wtf, imho, btw, fanfic, reddit, gpl, cannot, rekers, full-on, assange, adblock, douchebags, ggw, dadt, osx, meh, c'mon, paywall, repubs, stfu, bsg, snark, astroturfing, ghibli, banksy, autotune, aphex, technica, webkit, threeway, steampunk, mashups, nutjobs, emergents, huffpo, hahaha, spot-on, aint, pinboard.

by jessamyn

There's nothing quite like having to come home to the wife and explain why you smell of cordite.

The Honourable Artillery Company Entrance, City Road - City Of London.The Honourable Artillery Company Entrance, City Road - City Of London. by Jim Linwood (cc by)

"If you like strange London quirks like this, then you'll also likely be fascinated by..." MeFite garius gives us a tour of some of London's endearing quirks.

by jessamyn

Olympics: the rest of the story

122/366 - London 2012 tickets122/366 - London 2012 tickets by p_a_h (cc by)

On the eve of the London Olympics, amid the media blast of popular sporting stories, Diablevert assembles all the interesting things about the olympics you might not have heard about.

by mathowie

There's much more to comics than DC and Marvel

Rogue vs. Parasite (212/365)Rogue vs. Parasite (212/365) by JD Hancock (cc by)

MeFite Narrative Priorities talks about a decade working in the comics industry.

Marvel and DC aren't the primary sources of forward momentum within the comics industry. Arguably, their relevance to the working comics community as a whole is at an all-time low. I have worked in comics for years, and the only thing that Batman makes possible in my life is a pile of movies I don't watch and books that I don't read.

by jessamyn

The Great (Lost) Wall of China

Great Wall by michswissGreat Wall by michswiss

In a thread about "lost" or unrestored sections of the Great Wall of China, many members are sharing great stories of visiting relic sections of the Wall: story from awfurby, photos from michswiss, and lucy.jakobs' story and photos of an epic hike.

by mathowie

Which animal has the hardest eyes?

chitonchiton by Dan Hershman (cc by)

Chitons have eyes that are made of minerals, and other fascinating eyeball factoids.

by jessamyn

"if the live webcast fails, it's probably my fault"
The the 19th Annual International AIDS Conference is convening in Washington DC beginning on July 22nd. rtha writes "my work will be hosting both live and archived webcasts of many (though not all) of the conference sessions."

by jessamyn

Pride, Prejudice, and lunch period

Woman sleeping with Jane AustenWoman sleeping with Jane Austen by WarmSleepy (cc by)

High school is the World of Jane Austen

by mathowie

Fort Benning Georgia, 1964
"Jim and I noticed that people were looking at us, but we figured it was because we were paratroopers. At the back of the diner we saw three doors: Men. Women. Colored."

by jessamyn

"I might not be able to afford to come to the states yet, but perhaps this way I'll at least be able to get a taste of its four corners."

Built-Rite Wild Animal Map PuzzleBuilt-Rite Wild Animal Map Puzzle by MeFite Marxchivist (cc by)

What are the best films which have been made about your state or city?

by jessamyn

"I hope all the gold has grown out of my finger."
"There's a nuclear reactor at my alma mater, and the workers there do a neat little demo/parlor trick..."

by jessamyn

Deconstructed Americana

Americana album coverAmericana album cover

Neil Young has a new album out and MeFi member yourcelf breaks down all the tracks with some background info on how much more there is to common folk songs we sing around the campfire.

by mathowie

on taxes, and safety, and mutual aid

So, I've been volunteer firefighting and working rescue squad for a couple of months now. And it's not that I live in a rural area-- in fact, I live in one of the top 10 largest cities in TN-- but it is a place that is vehemently anti-large government and anti-tax. And it's been very interesting to see, up close and personal, what that actually means for fire and rescue and other emergency services.

by jessamyn

NYC MeFite Google Group
In NYC? Can't get enough MeFi? There's a Google Group forming that you might enjoy.

by jessamyn

Highlighting the best bits from the MetaFilter universe

MetaFilter started as a community weblog in 1999, later added question and answers, then music by members, jobs, projects by members, a podcast, and finally an area dedicated to meetups.

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