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What drowning really looks like.
How realistic is drowning when shown on TV? "It is not realistic at all. It was totally shocking. It wasn't clean or neat..."

by cortex

Cheers and good luck!
Troubleshooting your Mac's flaky wifi connection in six easy steps.

by jessamyn

Ice Cube, cultural juggernaut
"[Ice] Cube is making movies that show black folks as honest, hardworking, and valuing family, community, having a sense of humor, and not getting pulled down by the bullshit around you. He's making things he can show his kids that did not exist when he was a kid."

by jessamyn

prison chess
"Moose was still awaiting transfer when I got out. I bet he's the Chess Champion of Holman Prison by now."

by jessamyn

promounced like "mirage" not like GRARRR
If you'd like to be part of the Metafilter Random Asynchronous Gift Exchange (MeRAGE) get details in this MeTa comment.

by jessamyn

Ode to a Buttered Cat
"But then a voice arose from where the airport screener sat / 'Lady, what the hell have you been doing to that cat?!'" - Ode to a Buttered Cat

by cortex

Agricultural uses of Urine
I am am microbiologist who likes to garden... Here are a few possible ways to use pee in your garden or landscaping.

by taz

Matt on the SOPA/PIPA blackout
We are putting up a black interstitial about SOPA/PIPA for the next 24hrs or so. Matt explains the perils of SOPA and PIPA, and relates a tale about his own brush with DMCA bullying.

by taz

"Maybe I should finally mention WOOL..."
MeFi's own™ Hugh Howey talks about becoming a sensation in the Kindle Marketplace.

by jessamyn

"and there was a bathtub in there!"
Links to and stories about secret rooms.

by jessamyn

Gate to the sun may have side effects.
"Yeah, the flood of gamma rays would turn them into a hulk of disintegrated biomass." Astrophysicist vs. D&D solar laser scenario.

by cortex

Eye of round isn't Mr. Tender...
Pot roast vs. roast beef, a recipe and a story.

by jessamyn

fish protection laws
"We hear loud and clear we need to fish less; discussions about how to fish, and who should be fishing, and who should own the right to fish, are so complex that people tune out, and then we no longer have the people running the is true across so much of our food system."

by jessamyn

Jofus presents...
How to say "Battlestar Galactica" in a Cockney accent.

by jessamyn

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